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by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
Project name the name of the serial number acceptance build-up request inspection results 1 complete formalities for examination and approval of construction plan the erection and drawing construction drawing, multilayer cantilevers design content is complete and accurate, and the welding part should be 2 cantilever beam acceptance information from the cantilever structure of cantilever beam, cantilever and connection is firm, cantilever rack should adopt rigid frame and rigid node 3 body base on the stability of beam should be welding a short tube, rod inserted into the fixed, and tie rod sweeps the floor 4 scaffolding, protective baluster bottom basketry should be covered, the first layer from the structure of the company closely, rail height 1. 2 m, dense network, under the operational layer layer skirting board complete 5 bar spacing stud spacing press l. 5 m layout ( A single layer 1. 5 ~ 1. 8m) , poling vertical deviation 1/100 h, extension cross under 6 layer between protection practice setting isolation measures ( Four steps a isolation) 7 scaffold material 48 mm outer diameter of steel tube, 30, wall thickness not less than 3. 5 mm, no serious rust, crack deformation 8 fastener fastener must have the production license, fastener inspection data, fastening torque 45 ~ 50 n & middot; M9 set-up to do cross bar size flat vertical, main rail fixed spacing ≯ 1/15010 bar length of 6 m, deflection ≯ bracing each group bridging across the vertical pole number is 5 ~ 7 root ( >6m) Angle of 45 & deg; ~ 60度; Bar extension should not be in the same plane, acceptance: acceptance personnel: note: l acceptance columns with data, must be filled in in acceptance of field measured data, countless with Irene. 2 the acceptance table can only be used at a time, listed after the acceptance of phases, each time after the acceptance of a brand. Qualified brand must have a serial number and indicate the date of acceptance. 3 scaffolding in fairy with process, must want to have regular inspection and maintenance of system cantilever rack total height, head of the acceptance date maintenance professional unit technology acceptance, head of the highly qualified set-up team total package unit technical director, head of the card number
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