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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Cantilever scaffold construction examples of a project, a site located in nanshan district, shenzhen city, with a total construction area of 44040 square metre twenty-three thousand layer, ground floor, residential building is pure shear wall structure, seismic fortification intensity of the octave. The construction area of 40300 m2, the standard layer upon layer 2. 7米。 Eaves high 57. 9米; Overall building plane form into a glyph symmetric arrangement, set 270 mm wide settlement joint in the middle. Outer plane size 320 MB. The project characteristics, all kinds of scheme comparison and analysis through the use of cantilever scaffold as host to construction and retrofit scaffold outside the certificate. Processed by project department inventory steel pipe scaffold and part of the Angle steel, processing 160 sets of a tripod. Tripod lever, diagonal, control rod by steel Φ 48 x 3. 5, wall two 12. 5/8 ranging from Angle of intermediate links. The upper rail length 1. 20 m, inclined rod length 2. 33 m, stud length 2 against the wall. 00m. Between steel pipe and steel pipe, steel pipe, and through the connection welding point of view, has a 30 mm steel plate, the Angle between the bottom wall welded to the wall, and support from the connection. Connected to the wall: the main body construction, around the outer walls embedded plastic casing, plastic casing diameter in? Between 2 ~ 25, so that the hook pin inserted. According to the height of the steel plate size figure sleeve connection, hanging hole position, the slab thickness calculation, such as to the size of the hanging wall template. Reserved sleeve height must be accurate, lest affect template and the support platform. Usually embedded in the floor 20 cm high control is appropriate. Scaffolding and the main structure with hook bolt connection. As far as possible against upper and external, to ensure that the bolt shear force state of the state. Avoid bolt bending. Balance must be placed in the front hook bolt pin, guarantee the direction of the hook up, balance the pin with hook welded together. Flying scaffold erection: each scaffolding installed, after inspection, with a fastener steel pipe scaffold connect each tripod level. Connection length according to the engineering characteristics determine plane, for large straight on the back wall, a group of five tripod, multiple anterior horn, a group of three to four a tripod. Through the steel pipe scaffold and tripod diagonal connected with fasteners, upper and lower three layers. Tripod lever is connected to the side of the wall. Ensure that each cantilever rack is connected to the transverse frame structure. After the first formed a tripod, when the future each floor was promoted, each group will be promoted as a whole and suspension. Try not to. Retaining structure: hanger part bearing component of the whole structure, the upper enclosure part the same as the single scaffold construction key points, not repeat. The overall improve the project construction, is divided into eight construction period, water with little water, little beats, the construction method of parallel two monomers. In the end of the suspension, ding group on the ground floor, and the later construction progress, a single set of overall ascension. When the cantilever rack group, in each group at both ends. The main construction stage USES two q23b - before the building 60 m tower crane hoisting, decoration USES the u-steel support lifting roof. Cantilever scaffold construction notice horse processing, cutting, must be in strict accordance with the design size and welding according to the requirements of specification, material should comply with the design requirements. Reserved bolt set position must be calculated elevation in detail, and adjust the spacing as far as possible, avoid Windows and doors hole position. Such as the upper hole must set up the tripod, and strengthen the lintel. When the first suspension group, must by the related design, construction, management and safety inspection acceptance, qualified rear can use approval; The project full-time security personnel must be regularly check the safety of the scaffold and the related technical personnel, a record, the combination of timely resolution of problems found. When lifting scaffold, must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the construction organization design and operating procedures. Each suspension must go through security check and accept. Strictly control the scaffolding on the load and avoid vibration. Outside the economic and social benefits the project adopts cantilever scaffold construction technology, from put into use to dismantle, lasted three months of the year, all accomplished from the main body to the decoration construction tasks. Practice has proved that this cantilever scaffold, due to the flow of materials and Labour costs less, significantly reduce the occupancy of the project funds, compared with the steel pipe scaffold of lease, save money 500000 yuan of above; Easy set-up, enhance flexibility, stable and reliable, safe and convenient, speed up the construction progress, improve the work efficiency, improve the labor productivity; Supporting the use of the scaffolding and big template, work not wipe; Implements the construction operation of the fully enclosed protection at the same time, guarantee the safety of aerial work, implements the civilization construction.
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