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Cantilever scaffold construction site improvements that can save half of the h - Yueyang - where there is hot galvanizing plate buckles sales phone Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Yueyang button where there is hot galvanizing plate sales calls contact phone number: 18420150310 site boss really tight, the money saved would also like to. Dare not steal and reduction of material, idea want to head hurts. Get such boss, work to resign. Thriftiness is a traditional Chinese virtue saving, however, will province won't see you. Such as cantilever scaffold. Have a small white asked, what call cantilever scaffold? Such as 120 - meter - high building, construction of time could not build 120 - metre - high scaffolding, cantilever is needed. General residential building 6 layers of cantilever, which layer of the cantilever is such: you may ask, I steel cantilever, embedded bar pull behind will not run away again, why have to pull a rope? Keep you well, don't worry, let's talk about national specification. Now with the national standard was published in 2011, before this specification was released in 2008. Wire rope are 2008 specifications, requirements and beams joint force, the construction scheme selection are involved in calculation. Changed in 2011, specification, wire rope or want, but don't participate in calculation. Why would such rules? Reason, on the rope. Draw a detail to let you see: each cable is need three CARDS, if each cable is very tight, to receive strength evenly, that is very good. The key is that no one do that most of the construction site, is very loose. As a result, force is hard to make it. So, the national specification is changed. Wire rope is not involved in calculation. So that is to say, i-steel should choose a bit bigger. Just not line not line! Why still want it? Security is a big, shall be careless, safety management is a principle, is called the degree of redundancy safety principles. Wire rope is redundant, but when I beam failure, it can play the role of insurance. Is like driving a car must wear a seat belt, under normal circumstances, a seat belt is no purpose. To make wire rope from the spare tire huotang legally, you need to pull it tight, how to do to pull more tight? See: three improvement, it is added to the basket bolt, will be able to pull the rope tight. Second, i-steel shortened half, redundant degree of safety, safety standards or reduced? Third, they replace wire rope with steel, steel wire rope wear and tear, reinforcement is not easy to break. Whether good or not I'm not sure, what do you think? Yueyang where there is hot galvanizing plate buckles sales calls
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