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by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
Project name clarificaiton shangcheng county people's hospital ward floor time on August 15, 2012 partial name scaffolding demolition shift production safety disclosure content: a removable 1, dismantle the scene, must set up the alert area on the ground, the alert area of relevant personnel no admittance with specialist care. 2, dismantled before dealing with scaffolding to conduct a comprehensive inspection, check the main parts: the spot on every wall parts, main contact connection, cantilever and bar steel with other main points is safe and reliable, if there are any adverse to dismantle scaffold, fix on again after processing. 3, the demolition on the outside the frame should be removed before all sundry, clear content should be safe to send to the ground, it is forbidden to throw down. 4, demolition work shall be carried out step by step a top-down, even the wall with scaffolding removed one by one, it is strictly prohibited to even a whole wall layer or layers removed before dismantling scaffolding. 5, scaffolding piecewise demolition of step height difference should not be greater than 2, demolition of step height difference is greater than 2, not dismantle side should increase the wall reinforcement. Find difficult points, 6, scaffolding demolition workers can't solve the problem of safety, should be timely reported to the project department. Second, safety construction measures 1, scaffolder must hold relevant certificates. Work must wear non-slip shoes and wear safety helmet, safety belt. 2, the shelf homework personnel division should be ready to cooperate. 3, homework personnel should wear a tool bag, prevent fall off tool. 4, the demolition of the material should be as the schedule, to the ground at any time, to prevent improper fall from. 5, in the process of demolition, the ground the guardian and other construction personnel areas to avoid possible falling objects. Before coming off work, the rack has dismantled materials shall all be unloaded, not dismantle the rack should form stable structure, unstable to temporary reinforcement. 6, equipped with specialist command, homework personnel must obey the unified command. 7, the cantilever beam dismantled with paton, follow the welding operation specification, when cutting steel beam under a fire welding measures, to prevent the molten iron to burn down with plate. 8, the stairs in the window edge, central staircase to Taiwan in the window edge, what two head and mouth in the balcony, completes the window at the same time in the demolition of the outer shelf over the side rail protection. 9, at night, the thunderstorm day, more than five and five winds ban on construction work is known in bad weather. Clarificaiton safety personnel to accept
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