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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
A, the erection of material ( 1) Steel pipes, fasteners should be normal manufacturer into the credit, and has the material quality certificate, production license, spot check steel tube wall thickness, weigh weight fasteners. Mechanical properties of material, when in doubt, can look for professional testing unit of steel tube, fastener second-round exam, eliminate inferior material comes into play. ( 2) Attaches great importance to the maintenance of steel pipes, fasteners and maintaining. For serious rust, deformation of steel pipe and fasteners ( Including sliding wire) Should make scrap processing, shall not be used. End of uneven available grinding wheel cutter leveling. ( 3) Considering the wall thickness of the steel pipe route cause more used difference, design scheme for the wall thickness by 3 mm ShiGang calculation is relatively safe. Second, the cantilever load-carrying structure according to the ministry of construction of the construction industry 10 new technologies ( 2005). 》( Build quality [ 2005] 26) In the cantilever scaffold brake, reasonable safe should adopt steel cantilever load-carrying structure choice of beam, cantilever truss and steel beam and the combination of braced structures, its bearing structure form can be divided into four categories, namely: the choice of beam, pick to pull, tide type and combination type. The cantilever component spacing than the spacing between the scaffold poling, should be along the longitudinal in the scaffolding inside and stud type Settings at the bottom of the steel beam to support rod. The material should be round steel rings; Wire rope adjusting basket screws must choose & other; OO” Type; Unloading point should be on both sides of poling cap wall small bar and rod at the inside and add a step away from the strengthening of poling, greater resistance to horizontal force ( Small bar direction) And the vertical force; To turn around the concrete member edges and flexible protective layer of wire rope should be wrapped in cotton. Hard level protection can be used at the bottom of the width is not less than 200 mm, thickness is not less than 50 mm wood planks spread to the edge of the structure of no space, at the same time should be close to the plate at the bottom of the hanging out AnQuanPing net. The aircraft if the level of protection for hard against the in vivo, vertical spacing shall not be more than 12 m, using protective flat screen, vertical spacing should be no more than two floors, and no more than 10 m, the level of protection from the gap of the wall should be controlled in less than 150 mm. Level fence net twine and bar binding and firm, the lateral protection federated eye network should be 14 # twin wire or rope to tie the same as the net rope material. Interval greater than 1. 2 m, shall be set protective railings. A rigid pull string wall. In building embedded ф 48 steel pipe with fastener connected to the scaffold, or connected by steel fasteners and frame column, or embedded iron using ф with more than 20 steel scaffolding welding connection; Wall off the scaffold with the master node does not exceed 300 mm. Bridging over the entire length and height should be on the outside facade continuous Settings; Bracing diagonal extension of appropriate USES lap, lap length should be not less than 1 m, shall be not less than three fixed rotating fastener, end fastener cover plate to the edge of rod end distance should be not less than 100 mm; Bracing diagonal application rotary buckle fixed in fellowship with the lateral horizontal pole out side or poling, rotating the dimension from the centerline of the fasteners to the master node should not be greater than 150 mm.
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