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Cantilever scaffold safety supervision rules - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan

by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
1, construction preparation stage control content 1. 1 review the professional qualification of subcontractors; 1. 2 review special operations personnel qualification certificate; 1. 3 supervise construction units to establish and perfect the construction site safety assurance system; 1. 4 to urge the contractor unit check subcontractors safety production system; 1. 5 audit of construction unit of scaffolding, plan, check the scaffold in the formalities for examination and approval of subcontractors completeness; 1. 6 supervise construction units to do a good job of safety clarificaiton step by step; 2 2, construction phase control content. 1 check whether the cantilever scaffold is according to the construction scheme for the erection; 2. 2 cantilever scaffold erection process, supervision need to do a good job of a tour, who found the unsafe factors should be pointed out timely and demand rectification; 2. 3 build process, supervise and urge the construction unit to specify care workers care; 2. 4 check whether the bottom of the cantilever scaffold to take measures to prevent people and objects falling closed; 2. 5 scaffolding or the form of rental scaffolding, construction of professional construction unit, should clear the total package units to build process have the obligation to supervise the implementation of safety measures; 2. 6 cantilever type after the completion of the scaffold erection, review the construction units ( The contractor and the subcontractor) Acceptance procedures, confirmed by the supervision party conform to the requirements of the construction scheme and signature rear can use. 2. 7 scaffold in the form of rental or scaffolding, construction of professional construction unit, before use must supervise and urge the transfer formalities, sign by the erection of unit and the use of both sides; 2. After the acceptance of 8 cantilever scaffold, should check in the frame body is marked hanging CARDS limit load and the acceptance of safety operation procedures; 3 3, safety supervision information management content. 1 safety supervision personnel shall be truthfully recorded in the supervision diary the construction site safety production and safety supervision work in the day, record and deal with the construction safety problems found, director should regularly review and signing; 3. 2 safety supervision in the monthly report for the month construction condition and the safety of the construction site safety supervision work are reviewed; 3. 3 with audio and video data record construction site safety production important situation and construction safety hazard and the load safety supervision monthly report; 3. 4 sign safety facilities of the construction unit shall submit the acceptance inspection ( Shanghai A2) Table; 3. Safety supervision information must be true, complete and a binder. Consulting engineering construction supervision co. , LTD. In Shanghai on March 1, 2006
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