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by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
Scaffolding, researchers must hold relevant certificates. Construction personnel must wear a helmet, wear your seat belt, wearing non-slip shoes. The operational layer on the construction load should comply with the design requirements, and shall not overload; Shall not focused on scaffolds heap template, steel and other objects. Forbidden cable wind rope or fixed on scaffolds, erecting concrete pump pipe and lifting equipment, etc. Cet 6 and cet 6 or more high winds and rain, snow, fog should stop construction scaffolding. Shall not dismantle cross support during construction, horizontal plane, even the wall pieces, reinforcing bar, railing, homework required, temporary demolition of cross sustaining or even the wall should be approved, the homework in time after the completion of the return. Scaffolding lateral due and protective measures, to prevent falling objects. The scaffolding of the lateral do not climb. During the construction of the high homework safety technical facilities, found to have defects and hidden dangers, must be solved in a timely manner; Endanger personal safety, must suspend operation. Construction work place falling objects should be possible for all leading to dismantle or be fixed. The materials provided, shall be piled up smoothly, do not interfere with traffic and loading and unloading; Tools should be readily into the tool bag. Remove the excess stock and waste clearing away in time, shall not be any mess and down throw away. Passing objects cast is prohibited. 11, before the erection of steel tubular screening should be strictly, all serious rust, thin wall and bending fission, flattened bar should not be used. Fasteners to use qualified products, found a brittle crack, deformation, slide wire is strictly prohibited. , may not be inclined pull clarificaiton exergue, accept monthly, safety technical clarificaiton LJA 4 - 1 name division engineering scaffold subentry engineering ( Type of work) Name: cantilever scaffold disclosure content: 12, all fasteners, fastening torque should reach 45 ~ 55 n & middot; m。 13, the same elevation of putlog. Deal with such as staggered Settings, poling of straight up and down at the same time. 14 and diagonal extension, unfavorable use docking fastener. Overlapped mode should be adopted, and the second transfer back to the long, only depending on the second lap distance fastener spacing distance of not less than 0. 4M。 15, high-rise building scaffolding rods, unfavorable use lead wire), you must use the built-in parts in the form of a rigid material. 16, scaffolding, and demolition area should set up a cordon, ban pedestrians, vehicles, and supervision by designated personnel. 17, clear in time the scaffold ramps and transport of accumulated snow and ice on the road. 18, each access point must be in accordance with the specifications set prevent slippery or corresponding anti-skid measures. 19, actively adopt measures to secure upper and lower communication links. 20, other no content in accordance with the safety operation procedures. Disclosure: in the end of the date of by people: year month day
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