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Cantilever type steel pipe scaffold dismantle safety technical clarificaiton - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu sh

by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
Preparation: l, according to the structure and the site condition, prepare the demolishing scheme and approved by the relevant departments. Before dismantling, technical director and safety personnel to dismantle written technical and construction personnel safety disclosure, shift to organizational learning security technology operating rules. 2, dismantled before, homework personnel must overhaul scaffolding, focusing on fastener connection fixed, such as supporting system meets the safety requirements. 3 steel wire, scaffolding, the frame body unloading rigid rod, the wall cantilever bar removed, without the consent of the project department safety personnel, foreman, inspector, the scene any operating personnel shall not dismantle casually, so as not to affect the quality and safety of the scaffold. 4, scaffolding demolished, on-site personnel protective measures must be done well, fasten your seat belt, through the project department agreed to a builder's inspection before allowed to demolition, and monitored by the builder site tracking. 5, scaffolding demolished, according to the demolition of the scene of the situation, the conditional set the alert zone, outside the field personnel guards, traffic and personnel evacuation, site wall hanging eye-catching warning marks, prohibit the operation personnel to enter, directing ground construction personnel in a timely manner. 6, dismantled before, should keep clear of in time on scaffolding PingQiao remaining in the fall to the ground, wall brick, concrete block and sundry, cannot leave any unsafe materials and debris. Second, scaffolding demolition construction technology: safety & rarr; Skirting board & rarr; Scaffolding & rarr; Protective railings & rarr; Bracing & rarr; Brace & rarr; Small bar & rarr; The ledger & rarr; Stud & rarr; Even the wall bar, etc. ; Each period of cantilever scaffold of cantilever steel channel and unloading wire rope all stay on the scaffold, to begin to dismantle. Three, bar demolition notice: 1, the stud - - Hold post first, then loosen the docking fastener, immediately pull out poling, flat on the next frame tube, then remove the fastener, cannot leave the next root stem. Will never allow fasteners loosen after poling is in a state of independence and freedom, not dismantled; Demolition crews could not overcome force alone, two or more people cooperation, ensure the safety of the demolition. 2, the ledger, bracing, brace, first open the middle docking fastener, hold the middle to solve end; Bracing, brace can only be removed layer removed, all may not be a demolition, demolition of bracing must fasten your seat belt, and two or more persons cooperation dismantled. 3, support, with temporary support after reinforcement, first allowed to dismantle the support. 4, all the wall pole, unloading wire rope with the scaffold removed one by one, it is strictly prohibited to remove the wall rod with the whole layer or layers before dismantling scaffolding. Segmented demolition of high and low difference is not greater than 2 steps, such as the elevation difference is greater than 2 steps when adding even the wall bar reinforcement. 5, when the scaffold to lower down the last long steel pipe ( About 6. 0 m height) , in the first place by temporary brace or Rachel reinforcement, and even the wall bar. 6, removed the pipe should be top-down transfer or with cranes or construction elevator to the ground, may not be high toss, to ensure safety, and pay attention to protect side of exterior wall decoration, window, glass, make the finished product protection. After 7, loosen the fasteners should be dismantled, placed in the interior, may not be high toss, packaged with the construction elevator to the ground. 8, in the process of demolition, not to change horses in the middle of the stream, such as must be substitution should be disabled when clear rear can leave, single person on is prohibited. 9 there and dismantling scaffolding to a unified command, echoed up and down, coordination, when untied the knot buttons associated with another, should first notify the other party, in case of falling. 4, safe and civilized management measures: 1, all homework personnel to observe the safety production of construction specifications, seriously implement the security technology operating rules of the relevant provisions of safety in production. 2, the operator must wear a helmet when operating, your seatbelt, wearing non-slip shoes, and display tool bag, tool into the bag after use, can't on the shelf, in order to avoid falling cuts. 3, scaffolding dismantling personnel must be in good health, can't let have high blood pressure, fear of heights and other personnel with a history of stores; 4, construction technology and safety before disclosure, asked relevant personnel and shelf workers familiar with construction plan. Operating personnel no drunken work, it is strictly prohibited to smoke at the scene. When there are more than 6 wind and fog, rain, the weather should stop scaffolding demolished. 5, when high temperature operation, cooling purposes measures should be taken, prepared rheo-camphoradin prompting fashionistas, such as drugs, as far as possible to avoid high temperature period. 6, every day, Times) Call it a day ago, all demolition materials must be hoisted to the ground, not to be kept on the shelf. 7, in the process of demolition, when welding and gas cutting, must have a fire prevention measures and personnel guards.
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