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Cantilever type steel pipe scaffold erection, safety technical clarificaiton - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu sh

by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
1. Erection of scaffold, must receive special training and physical inspection, a special type can mount guard. Such as suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, and other inappropriate high homework personnel, be engaged in a job. High work must wear buckle your seat belt. 2. Into the work area, must wear a good helmet, tool bag, dangling dangerous operations, must hang buckle your seat belt. It is forbidden to wear slippers, barefoot or hard shoes on the scaffolding operation. Strictly prohibits smoking in the homework, no drunken homework. 3. Cantilever erection of the new material and the specifications of the fastener and the quality must conform to relevant technical regulations and the requirements of construction schemes, and should only be used after test qualified. Not to use unqualified material, fasteners, steel, bamboo material mixing. 4. Cantilever rack in the erection shall be in accordance with the requirements of plan before laying i-steel, leveling and solid, for the erection. 5. Strictly according to the cantilever erection of the structure of the scaffold erection scheme prescribed sizes, good control of poling verticality deviation and the level of the rail, and ensure that the node connection requirements ( Tie up, hang tight plug) ; Verticality < 1/1000, the absolute value is not more than 15 cm. 6. Cantilever rack first layer and the construction work must have wall-to-wall foot hand, smooth the shop, ensure that there are three points binding is firm, can not have probe plate. Between the frame body and building should be closed (step by step Using level net or plate) 。 7. In the cantilever rack construction, transfer bar material, are not allowed to touch hook set high and low voltage power line and electrical equipment, it is strictly prohibited to the up and down or so throwing tools, materials, etc. 8. Set-up to timely in the process of cantilever rack set wall rod, inclined strut, bracing, rod and the necessary unloading line, ensure the bracing frame body is not less than 45 & deg Angle with the ground; No greater than 60 & deg; 。 9. Set net hanging flat straight, network connection material to conform to the requirements. 10. Cantilever scaffold and between buildings according to height, level every 4. 5 m shall set up a solid connection point, and USES the rigid wall bar, total height of more than 100 m, the measures should be add pull-out. 11. Within a row of column from the building shall not be greater than 300 mm, floating plate shall not be greater than 500 mm. 12. Shelf stacking materials, tools, such as load shall not exceed 3 kn/m. 13. Cantilever steel pipe scaffold must have a good and reliable lightning protection grounding, above all around the foot of the building lightning protection device is installed by the frame should be. 14. Cantilever rack, authors want to have the approval of construction plan, each ride high above operation 1 must be maintained. More than 8 m, segmentation should be done after the erection of examination, segmented quantitative acceptance, inspection qualified to use, unqualified are not allowed to be delivered. 15. On the outside of scaffold erection of discharging platform, operators must fasten belt up. 16. Erection of up and down the staff inclined ladder and the ground or horizontal Angle 20 & deg; Or so, step spacing is not more than 30 cm, not allowed to take on high voltage side. 17. In case of bad weather, Such as wind power in level 6 or above) Prohibited on scaffolding, assignments, and Rachel solid scaffold with building. 18. Steel pipe scaffold on the activity and fasteners in the day after the completion to timely cleaning. It is forbidden to the activities of the steel pipes, fasteners on the scaffold. 19. The master node, the secondary node fasteners must achieve the required torque ( 45 - 65 KN/m) 。 20. Scaffold in the erection process, it is forbidden to post has the phenomenon of independent, all stud must be connected by rail fastening together. 21. After in the erection of the step frame body, must be timely the next frame grab bar set-up in place of in a timely manner. It is forbidden to stud in more than 1. 5 meters height without rail protection, and to set up the pole. 22. Scaffold in the erection process must be strictly in accordance with the plan calls for the erection. 23. Witness: site other disclosure content: supervision clarificaiton person to sign:
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