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Capping beam construction safety education - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan safety technology

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
1, scaffolding safety: ( 1) Scaffolding, staff must be professional scaffolder, healthy body, the related certificates; ( 2) Scaffolding dismantling template the homework personnel must be in strict accordance with the provisions of the use of seat belts, high to low with, want to wear a good helmet; ( 3) Shall not be template bracket, cable wind rope, pumping concrete conveying pipe fixed on the scaffold; It is forbidden to suspension hoisting equipment; ( 4) During the period of scaffolding used, it is forbidden to dismantle the main node of longitudinal and transverse horizontal pole, longitudinal and transverse rod sweeps the floor; ( 5) Will be based in the scaffold and adjacent mining operations; ( 6) Take down the scaffolding, the ground must set fencing and warning signs, and hold people to keep and prohibit the operation personnel to enter. : (2, lifting operation safety 1) Crane driver training, passing the examination by the relevant department related certificates, it is strictly prohibited without the operation of the hoisting equipment; ( 2) In the process of crane hoisting template, must have the specialist is responsible for monitoring, prevention of construction personnel neglect hurt; ( 3) Lifting operations, forbid anyone to walk on lifting range; ( 4) When six and six more high winds and fog, rain and snow weather should stop lifting; ( 5) Strict implementation of lifting operation & other; 10 don't lift & throughout; 。 3, climbing homework, homework personnel should be stipulated by the passage up and down, should not be allowed to climb in the regulation of channel, also not the use of crane boom and other construction facilities for climbing. Up and down the ladder, must face the ladder, and shall not be hand-held implements. 4, template installation and dismantle safety: ( 1) Dangling when installing large template must be standing on the platform operation; ( 2) Homework personnel must strictly abide by the safety protective equipment use and tied the safety belt, your safety helmet; ( 3) Lifting it is forbidden to stop and walk under the big template; ( 3) It is strictly prohibited in the connected component and support pieces of the climbing up and down, and it is strictly prohibited in the same vertical plane up and down jacket, the measures which should be in strict accordance with the construction organization design; ( 4) When working mode of higher, should configure high appliances or erection of scaffold; ( 7) After ripping, should according to the first break, after the first order, should be put down, and the piece prize the string falls or pull down, may not be a heap of place template parts; ( 8) Temporary piled up template, scaffold or working platform should not be more than 3 layers, stacking parts together with the operator and machine load shall not exceed the scaffolding or workbench design load control. 5, concrete pouring, should set the operating platform, may not be directly stood on the template. 6, capping beam construction area should be set clear warning signs, prohibit the operation personnel to enter.
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