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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Capping beam construction scaffolding 1) Capping beam construction scaffolding parts and bearing bracket must isolate Settings, construction scaffolding generally adopt double row scaffolding, landing at the edge of the bottom die each set channel width around lm homework. Homework channel border guard in the inside and the outside must be set, with dense mesh type enclosure. For capping beam height is higher, the scaffold should set corresponding multilayer operation channel, ensure that the scaffold protective height above the construction operation more than lm. 2) Is strictly prohibited in the lifting cap beam template and reinforced randomly dismantled scaffold protective bar when working. 3) The scaffold must be reliable grounding. 4) Finished erection of scaffolding, which must be experienced after qualified, can be put into use. Put down with fastener type steel pipe scaffold catheter. In use before and after using a period, in addition to deal with the specifications, quality and stitching structure carefully check, still need to do together, a ball and watertight, under pressure, joint, such as tensile test. Watertight test water should be not less than within the hole depth of l. Three times the pressure; When pressure experiment, the water pressure should not be less than the internal pressure that may be sustained by a guide tube wall. 1, reverse circulation compared with normal circulation, drilling progress 4 ~ 5 times faster, need less mud material, wheel power consumed is less, the advantages of hole cleaning time faster. 2, catheter tube is one of the important tools, pouring underwater concrete with steel plate welded or seamless steel tube, the diameter of the pile length, pile diameter and the number of concrete need to pass an hour. Catheter production should strive to strong, inner surface should be smooth, straight, bright and clean, and no partial concave and convex, sections duct diameter size should be consistent, deviation is not more than plus or minus 20 mm. 3, used in pier construction of support its main use is scaffolding, the most commonly used is fastener type steel tube scaffold. A boiler room of civil engineering, site erection of 30 m high, 50 m long one glyph double row steel pipe scaffold when use the overall collapse, 1 in the frame work of five workers died on the spot, three people seriously injured, one minor injuries. After investigation, the main reason for the accident is the frame body of the node is not enough, foundation is not solid, individual poling impending, part of the master node lack of putlog. Site safety management out of control and scaffolding in no inspection and acceptance of the corresponding before use. After the accident investigation team concluded that the main responsibility in the construction unit, then made a shutdown rectification unit in charge of construction and the safety production license is deducted 1 month of punishment. Please answer questions according to the background. ( 1) The accident can be identified as ( 一) 。 一个。 The general accident B. C larger accident. Major accident D. Extremely large accidents, 2) Does not belong to that stipulated in the regulations on the safety production license of safety production license is one of the three conditions ( D) 。 一个。 'Three people' must have 'production safety inspection certificate of quality' B. Production safety evaluation qualified C. Special operations personnel D of card mount guard. Have occupational health and safety management system certification ( 3) In double row scaffolding, lateral horizontal overhanging length at the end of the stem against the wall should not be greater than the rod long ( B) Times. 一个。 0. 2 B。 0. 4 C。 0. 5 D。 0. 6 ( 4) Steel pipe scaffold longitudinal rod sweeps the floor should be right-angle fastener from the base epithelium is not greater than ( D) The mm of the vertical pole. 一个。 50 B。 100 C。 150 D。 200
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