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Cast-in-situ stents fortification safety measures - collapsed Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
1 cast-in-place beam support build-up to project manager for the group leader must set up leading group, in charge of production assistant manager and project engineer for safety leading group of deputy team leader, team members by the project department relevant personnel to attend. 2 large temporary scaffold must be designed and is checked, formulate detailed construction plan, approval by the regulation. 3 according to the approved construction plan further refine support build-up of wi, strict disclosure system. Project to support build-up technology solutions, general site set-up plan to ensure the quality of support build-up to execute responsible for. Before 4 support build-up, project to general organization of scaffold construction personnel must carry on the detailed written technical clarificaiton, site director and technical personnel to check on disclosure, the certified safety supervision and operation of construction workers in accordance with the disclosure requirements. Daily check by 5 support member that lead industry, responsible for supervisors and security personnel. 6 support build-up it is forbidden to change the erection method, spacing, number and structure model and so on. 7 support build-up staff must be after the inspection qualified scaffolder. 8 support build-up personnel must wear safety helmet, wearing a seatbelt, wearing non-slip shoes. Nine layer on the construction load should comply with the design requirements, and shall not be partial load and overload, hanging lifting equipment is forbidden. 10 support during the period of using, it is forbidden to dismantle the master node horizontal bar in the longitudinal and lateral direction, the vertical and horizontal rod sweeps the floor. 11 May not be on the basis of the stent and adjacent mining operations, or security measures should be taken, and the competent department for approval. 12 on the scaffold, when electricity, gas welding, must have a fire prevention measures and personnel guards. 13 components of the inspection and acceptance of the stent materials, such as steel, military equipment, berea, standard scaffolding, fasteners and other material and the size should comply with the standards, unqualified materials are strictly prohibited to enter the construction site. After the completion of the foundation and support build-up before; Before operation level load; Every after erection of the 10 ~ 13 m high; After reaching design height; In case of six level after high winds and heavy rain; Walden cold area after; Stop using more than one month. 15 after the installation of fasteners bolts should be checked and unqualified must tighten again, until qualified. When six and six more high winds and fog, rain and snow weather set-up and dismantling work should stop stents, rain, snow back on assignments due and anti-sliding measures, and shall remove snow; After the wind, rain, snow should check mainly support for global or local deformation, the node without looseness, safety protection facilities are in good condition and foundation for the emergence of the safe use of subsidence deformation effects such as support, handle in time when problems found. 16 stents, after the completion of inspection and acceptance of support build-up to the competent project department production, technical director, deputy director of the full-time security officer, quality engineers, and the member that lead industry joint inspection acceptance, acceptance when found the problem, to instruct site, rectification within a time limit, head of the rectification after the completion of the acceptance of the group organization the reinspection, until meet the requirements. 17 to set up the observation points in the process of concrete pouring, timely observation and record the deformation of concrete pouring process support, found that immediate measures should be taken, to ensure that the scaffold in the whole construction process in good condition. Stud should choose similar set-up, pipe diameter and wall thickness of steel tube mixed it is forbidden to different types of steel pipe. Before support build-up to remove ground clutter, level off the erection site, and make the drainage expedite, base bottom elevation should be higher than the natural ground level ground 50 mm. Stents under foundation trench and electrical circuit, when should pave the wood or steel. Support every layer, set out to timely correction step distance, vertical distance, horizontal distance and verticality of stud. Sweeping bar, to set up the longitudinal and lateral direction longitudinal rod sweeps the floor should be right-angle fastener epithelial no greater than 200 mm from the base of the stud on the transverse rod fixed in close to the longitudinal rod sweeps the floor at the bottom of the pole. To increase the stability of the stent, across every six to set up a longitudinal and transverse diagonal, diagonal Angle with the ground to 45 & deg; ~ 60度; Between the bottom of the diagonal should be hold to. The outside along the high cross bracing, each bracing should be with 5 ~ 7 root rod coupling. Support rod should be vertical setting, 2 m height of vertical allowable deviation is 15 mm, each stud or plate should be set at the bottom of the base. Poling extension in addition to the top the top step, the rest of the each layer of each step must adopt butt joint fastener connection. Bracket at the bottom of the stud and the top of the adjustable bracket, thread do not spin out is too high, when the extended length of more than 300 mm, reliable measures should be taken. Steel pipe fastener tighten the bolt torque should not be less than 40 n & bull; M, and should not be greater than 65 N• M, docking fastener openings should be up or itself; The end of the bar out of fasteners on the edge of the plate length should be not less than 100 mm. Stents removed should be safety technical disclosure, dismantled must draw safety, set up warning signs, and supervision by designated personnel. Dismantled before the bracket on the ground and debris should be removed. Stents removed should be carried out step by step a top-down, it is forbidden to up and down the homework at the same time, according to the first bar, after the order of the stud down step by step a demolition, prohibit throw, components should be dismantled and timely inspection, repair and maintenance, and according to the varieties, specifications, code heap to store at any time.
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