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Cheap removable stage truss

by:Shizhan     2020-03-29
The current stage is believed to have been seen by many people. The previous stage was generally fixed after it was set up. It is now common to temporarily set up a stage for performances outdoors, because the presence of a stage truss makes this detachable. A mountable stage is relatively easy to implement. The stage truss can be transformed into a variety of different types to provide people with a variety of shapes, such as square shapes and various irregular shapes, which is convenient to a large extent. Of people's use of him. Generally speaking, most of the materials used in the manufacture of trusses are mainly aluminum alloys, because this material is light in weight and can be welded into various shapes, which is very convenient when it is transported or used. I believe many people know that many things are needed to build a stage, and this kind of truss is one of them. If there is no truss, then there is no place for anything used on the stage. For example, the lighting of the stage must be placed on the truss of the stage, so as to have the effect of stage lighting. Secondly, in addition to setting up the stage, it will also be widely used in some commercial performances, such as some large-scale ribbon-cutting activities, opening celebrations, or the stage used when getting married. One of the reasons why the stage truss is so popular is that it has the feature of being detachable and installable, which means that it can be removed and used again after it is used up, and this aluminum alloy stage truss is also relatively stable. It is not easy to deform.
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