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by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
Determine the size of the chimney, water tower range first, and then analysis the scheme which one to use scaffolding structure, for example with cage postures, surrounded with button scaffolding, buy enough pan button control, because to buy many, is wasted. Button type steel pipe scaffold design and construction, in addition to manufacturers and enterprises should conform to the provisions of this specification, still should comply with the current national regulations on compulsory standards. Button double-row scaffold erection of steel pipe, should be strictly in accordance with the construction plate buckles type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications '( JGJ231— 2010). The provisions of the requirements. Set-up should strictly the quality of the steel pipe before screening, every serious rust, thin walled, bending the fission bar should not be used, serious corrosion, deformation, cracks, bolt thread broken dish buckle unfavorable use, sales and leasing of steel tube needs to carefully watch the scaffold, besides according to the rules set the foundation of the drainage treatment, must be prepared to support the parts must come into contact with the solid ground. High-rise steel pipe scaffold in channel steel of, must have a screw connection protection, protect common scaffolding poling must set base, accessories center buckle, rail use hot dip galvanized steel pipe, so that to prevent rust corrosion collapse, unfavorable use socket type steel pipe make using of the bottom step poling crisscross, all dish buckle fastening torque, should reach 45 ~ 55 n. m, body size, according to the height should choose thick wall tube, such as 2. More than 5 m thick. New button standard the same facade of putlog, dealing with such as staggered position, poling of straight up and down at the same time, diagonal extension, unfavorable use of flange buckle. Overlapped mode should be adopted, the two back wheel buckle extension, lap distance depending on the two plate spacing of not less than 0. 4 m. High-rise building metal scaffolding rod, unfavorable use lead wire), you must use the built-in parts in the form of a rigid material, base adjustment, pedal material, USES design scheme, as well as related cannot lack. Button type steel pipe scaffold before construction, chimney, water tower must stop working, and then according to the provisions of this specification establishment organization construction method. 1, the operator must hold relevant certificates, carefully observe the safety operating procedures and safety disclosure, no illegal operation or drunk. 2, the correct dress and wear a good helmet, high homework fasten your seat belt. 3, it is forbidden to use unqualified foot hand lever, springboard or metal plate buckle. 4, can not arbitrarily change the scaffold geometry size and stable bracing, cross rod position of bar and rod sweeps the floor. 5, the operational layer of the lateral should tie 2 guardrail, set foot, hang a security fence. 6, height within 15 m size, can set up a set of cable wind rope ( Each group of 4 ~ 6) Higher, more than every 10 m to establish a set of cable wind rope, cable wind rope should be fixed on the special anchor, set the tightener, may not switch on the trees and other structures. 7, according to the rules set width is not less than 6 m in the first layer of twin wire, the above should be not less than 3 m in scaffolding inside pocket. 8, it is forbidden to throw the use of tools, hand tools materials and feet. 9, piled up in the foot hand materials must not exceed the specified load on the shelf. The height of the 10, scaffolding or use within the scaffold, such as more than 40 m climb type operation platform, stress calculation, should be formulated to ensure the safety measures. 11, when the scaffold is higher than the surrounding buildings, should install in the top of the lamp warning shots, the thunderstorm season lightningproof grounding measures must be taken. 12, completes the safety inspection, found hidden danger in time. In the button type steel pipe scaffold design and construction to carry out national technical and economic policy, advanced technology, reasonable economy, safety, ensure quality, make this specification. This specification applies to the console (for industrial and civil building construction Bottom brace type) Single, double row plate buckles type steel pipe scaffold design and construction, as well as the level of concrete structure design and construction of formwork during the construction. Single row scaffolding shall not apply to the following situation: ( 1) The wall thickness is less than or equal to 180 mm; ( 2) Building height more than 24 m; ( 3) Hollow bricks, aerated block wall lightweight wall; ( 4) Masonry mortar strength grade is less than or equal to the M1. 0 brick wall. ( 5) Button scaffolding cage ladder type should be stable against the wall system. Button type steel pipe scaffold before construction, should according to the provisions of this specification to the scaffold structure component and stud design calculation of subgrade bearing capacity, material transportation system to the level of solid, lifting up and down adjustment need artificial and building materials far distance. The whole project need to be professional, have a process to operate. Dismantled and removed from top to bottom button scaffolding demolished to end, according to the type classification into the inventory, or hire.
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