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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
1, size, look at our company detailed scaffold materials, dried shrimp is usually a face of meng, mind ask: I should have to choose which. In fact, my family consists of the following dimensions of scaffolding. Choose what size of the scaffold, the key is to fully understand the construction site and transport routes. If the available wheels pushes the scaffolding, but because of the venue to tear open come down to move the change positions, or because did not consider the lift or the gate size in advance, and rejected, that would be disastrous. 2, straight up and down and imagine that you want a hammer with a wrench, carry on goods, climbed to working on a scaffold platform. Do you like to climb up from the side, Straight up) 吗? Or walked up from the middle, Inclined to climb) 。 Of course, the more convenient to climb the ladder, its price also climb accordingly. 3. Special case if you encounter such a situation? Want to work with a ladder to a construction site, only to find that the scaffold into the pickup truck or buns. This time you can consider our company's folding scaffold, her slender flexible, folding, width is only 0. 68 * 1. 4 meters. Lucky you pick up a big list, to install in the hotel hall, construction operation has 15 meters high, is looking at slender scaffold is thought to give a hand? This time, you will consider building deputy frame, it is specially used to support the frame. If in the outdoor construction, you also need to pull a rope to fixed scaffolding, prevent displacement. Or your staff in 15 meters high, scaffold has any trouble, they will be 'swaying' high in the sky.
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