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by:Shizhan     2020-08-23
Urban development faster and faster, people's material life also significantly promoted, decorate a house has not surprisingly, is now the scenery of the city. In 2019, China's construction industry is still very hot, the related industries of heat is also high, today we take a look at the construction site one of the most common devices -- — Aluminum alloy scaffolding! In fact, it is not difficult to see the high safety, convenient to use aluminum alloy scaffolding scope is very broad, because he can solve all kinds of difficulty in the work high above the higher difficulties, at the same time can also save money. Now it is widely used in hotels, hotel, office building and building construction and maintenance of! In 2019, aluminum alloy scaffolding industry ushered in the development of the fast lane. After years of market cultivation and widely available in some pilot cities of the country, convenient and efficient, more secure aluminum alloy scaffolding, more and more get the favor of builders, construction and other companies. All along, the 'security' is the focus on objects, from all walks of life for the work high above the construction industry is no exception! When decorating, the tool support is bear collapsed, injuring decoration workers, things like this just see not fresh! And aluminum alloy scaffolding safety performance is strong, when the scaffold work platform about 4 square meters, the supporting leg area of about 10 square meters, high stability. When you are working on the platform, compared with other aerial work platform, minimum vibration, use the degree of security is very high. Like this kind of strong safety performance of aluminum alloy scaffolding who don't like? Relevant data show that the bearing capacity of the aluminum alloy scaffolding is bigger than the bearing capacity of the general tools are many, it is a bit more flexible set-up and dismantling of, can effectively save the erection time, on the economic front, it is also cheaper. Under the condition of use for a long time, can make the workers injured things to happen, so the efficiency will be greatly increased. In the aluminum alloy scaffolding industry, well-known enterprises in shenzhen city tengda security technology research and development of effective company produce aluminum alloy scaffolding is very good! Their house aluminum alloy scaffolding composed of strong, low cost, convenient disassembling, these advantages make it widely used in the construction industry. Compared with old scaffolding, he tear open outfit is convenient, if you have touched when looking for a job where it can move at will! Its reasonable design to construction workers provides a convenient way to work, on the site using it not like the traditional construction site is very dirty debris! By the aluminum alloy as the main material of the scaffold is also very environmental protection, can be repeated use. Choose tengda security technology research and development of aluminum alloy scaffolding to workers at work can put down the worry, let the steadfast feeling, security winding in your side. Choose aluminum alloy scaffolding for tengda scaffolding, safer!
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