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City architect 【 Scaffolding 】 - maintenance problem Jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
In recent years, people attention more and more & other; Maintenance & throughout; This topic. Anything want to prolong its service life, you need to protect the repair things, to keep the normal state. Then how to do a good job of maintenance it is very necessary, we all know that the scaffold is the carrier of is very important in building construction, and make the maintenance work, is responsible for construction safety. So how should maintain the scaffold? A, whoever has bar bending, deformation of the case should be relatively straight, should first repair the damaged components, ensure it can be used in the construction of normal. Second, the use of the scaffold ( Including the corresponding accessories) Libraries should be back in time spending, classification register. When deposited in the open air, make sure to deposit field flatness, good drainage, bedding, and tarpaulin cover, accessories, parts should be placed in the interior. Third, on the parts cleaning, rust disposal, all humidity larger area ( More than 75%) Painted anticorrosive paint at least once a year. Fasteners to oil, bolt should be galvanized anti-rust. No conditions galvanized, should wash yourself after each use with kerosene, then coated with antirust oil. Four, the disc scaffolding fasteners, nuts, plate, bolt and other small accessories are easily lost, in pitched when spare parts should be timely recovery, on the removal of acceptance in time, can not throw about the place.
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