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Clean the work high above the wall - need to pay attention to Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Is a kind of upper air cleaning, wall cleaning is a very dangerous cleaning project. External wall cleaning must not only clean and neat, to ensure the safety of the air purifier. This means cleaning company construction personnel have a wealth of air cleaning practices and operation experience, and excellent management team and excellent security maintenance measures. From these aspects, the company is dealing with the safety of the construction tool first, choose double insurance springboard cleaning method, specifically responsible for on-site construction, responsible for the people, strict enforcement of construction safety requirements of scaffolding. Hundreds of external wall cleaning engineering is not over. At present, the high-rise building external wall is often sunshine, rain and car emissions of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide pollution, and chemical reactions of corrosion. This will cause a dirt of high-rise building external wall, not only affect the appearance of the city, can also affect the structure of the beautiful, also can destroy buildings. Therefore, clear the surface of buildings not only beautify the environment, but also to the maintenance of the buildings have played a role. External wall cleaning should pay attention to construction safety: 1, the construction personnel should fully comply with the terms and conditions agreed between company and customers, in accordance with the standard construction; In the process of construction, strict enforcement of safety standards and quality standards, in order to realize the mission of quality and quantity. 2. Construction managers should actively cooperate with the customer, supervision of construction quality, accept customer's leadership and inspection. Must always adhere to the fit is the job of the boss. 3. In the process of operation and construction, maintain customer all the equipment and equipment should be paid attention to. Communicate with customers, the operator should polite, considerate, friendly. They shouldn't talk back and customers, and should not be speaking politely. Site shall comply with the customer or related management regulations. Civilization does not affect other people's work and life.
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