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by:Shizhan     2020-08-30
Aluminium disc scaffolding which trusted contact phone number: 1842015031013 safety parameter special operation safety knowledge contest ( A) Climbing frame 1 scaffolding safety management measures, in use in the whole process of adhesive lifting scaffolding, construction personnel shall comply with the current working in the construction of higher safety technical specifications '( JGJ80) , the construction and installation workers safety technology operating rules '( ( 80] Construction law word 24) The relevant provisions. Operators should be the basic fixed, each job and related certificates in accordance with provisions. Across Settings should press 2, frame body facade bracing, the bracing Angle is 45 ° ~ 60 °. 3, the frame body plate internal shall establish necessary level of vertical diagonal and the diagonal, in order to ensure the overall stability of frame structure. 4, the frame body lateral must use eye safety net ( 2000 mesh / 100 cm2) WeiDang and pocket at the bottom of the frame body, must be added at the bottom of the small wire mesh; Dense mesh net and small eye network must be reliable fixed on the frame body. 5, each layer must be set on the frame body lateral protective rail, retaining its protective facilities. 6, using conditions and engineering structure between outer surface, the monolithic frame body gap must be closed, lifting the frame body under the condition of opening must have reliable measures to prevent workers and materials. 7, material platform may increase in vitro of facilities must be separate Settings, lifting, shall not be connected to the adhesive lifting scaffolding. 8, attached with bolt support structure and engineering structure connection, should use double nut, screw nut should not be less than 3 teeth. Appropriate USES wall bolt, if must use embedded bolt, the bearing capacity of the embedded bolt length and structure shall meet the requirements. 9, in six levels of above ( Including 6) Strong winds, heavy rain, snow, fog, etc no adhesive lifting scaffolding on homework, when bad weather in six levels of above ( Including 6) When the winds of the scaffold should also be in advance to take the necessary reinforcement measures or other emergency measures and to evacuate all the construction live load on the frame body. Prohibit the rise and fall of adhesive lifting scaffolding operations at night. 10, adhesive lifting scaffolding construction area should have lightning protection measures. 11, adhesive lifting scaffolding in the process of installation, lifting and removal, the operating area and could fall scope shall be set up security. 12, adhesive lifting scaffolding should be set on the necessary fire control facilities. 13, in the process of lifting, if the abnormal situation, must immediately stop lift check to thoroughly investigate the cause and eliminate the fault rear can continue to lift. Each time the abnormal situation and should make detailed written records. 14 and using lifting hoist as a driving force, in the process of lifting should be protected from double chain, hinge occur. 15, adjacent tower crane, construction elevator monolithic adhesive lifting scaffolding, when lifting, tower crane, construction elevator equipment used shall be suspended. After 16, lifting in place, the scaffold must be fixed in time. Fixed didn't finish the work before and none of them has completed the formalities of delivery, scaffolding operation personnel shall not succession or from work. Aluminium disc scaffold which is trustworthy
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