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Collapse has killed four people in 87 injured! Who is going to pay - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform

by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Accident bar opened less than six months claims to 'build' of the $20 million it is reported, the scene of the accident to a building 3 layer 12 meters high steel structure of the commercial building, a total construction area of 4800 square meters, the location of the collapsed to the third floor is the business of '0776' bar, on the first floor for inward and outward, idle on the second floor, third floor for '0776 bar', covers an area of about 700 square meters. It is understood that the bar opened in January 2019, was called 'spend $20 million to build'. Guangxi zhuang autonomous region, baise DongZhou youjiang area along the vientiane city 0776 bar, a steel roof collapse accident. As of 20 at 8, 85 people have been successfully saved and treated, the 2 deaths, 1 critically ill and injured seven people, minor hospital, 62 people, there are 13 minor injuries debridement discharged after treatment. The latest news that collapse has killed four people injured 87! What is a collapse? Collapse - — Refers to the construction of foundation pit, Slot) Collapse, slope collapse, foundation pile wall collapsed, scaffolding collapse, formwork supports system instability and the construction site temporary buildings collapsed, Including the construction of the fence) Collapse, etc. Recently, the collapse of frequent accidents, must cause the high alert! Building collapse characteristics: 1. Building fire collapse accident sudden and unpredictability of strong, personnel escape difficult. Buildings collapsed building structure, building quality, fire load, natural conditions and factors, such as fire building ( Structure) Structures collapse accidents can occur at any time, and the accident precursors is not obvious, allowing researchers to escape a very short time, treat people perceive, collapse often have caused serious consequences. Especially large reinforced concrete structure after fire collapse cases, there is no ready-made experience for reference, also the lack of corresponding theoretical support. From the analysis of actual experience, the length of time from a fire to collapse. Similar buildings, some in the raging fire burning dozens of hours not collapsed, some only a few hours the collapse. Therefore, in the process of rescue commander cannot accurately judge when to evacuate the scene. 2. Easy to cause secondary disasters. Sudden building ( Structure) Structures collapse may cause the building interior gas, power supply facilities destroyed, lead to the occurrence of fire; Especially chemical device structures such as collapse, easy to form a chain reaction gas ( Liquid) Body leakage, explosion and other accidents, cause disasters. 3. Social influence is big. Build ( Structure) After the devastating collapse accident, heavy casualties, social negative influence greatly. The United States '9. 11 'incident, shocked the world, hunan hengyang' 11. 3 'accident, the painful lessons are still painful. 4. Rescue is difficult. Buildings collapse, often cause major casualties and and secondary disasters occur, according to the situation required, rescue input power is more, not only involves the fire forces, also involves the public security, medical aid and water, electricity, gas, transportation and other departments; As a result of buried pressure to save the trapped workers more, restricted by equipment, the effectiveness of the rescue operation is bound to abate, post-disaster relief is usually long time continuous operation.
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