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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Widespread application of scaffolding and scaffolding is not general, different scaffold is suitable for different occasions, here we introduce the classification of the scaffolding for you: 1. Steel pipe scaffold, there is no real pattern, if during the construction of a sussing out, in the same place, there are a number of projects need to use scaffolding, you can use the scaffolding project, cannot happen again other scaffolding installation projects. In construction, the construction units can be set up according to need. The cost of the project is higher. 2. Within the scaffold is exterior wall construction scaffolding, scaffolding is interior wall construction, but the general civil buildings, civil construction can't apply within the scaffold. More than 3 in pipeline construction, but also in height. Part 6 meters above, just have the scaffold project. 3. The height is not too high, and bearing little place, can use a single scaffold. General multi-storey building exterior wall construction, all is the use of double row scaffolding. High-rise construction, if use scaffolding, must do safe business accounting, because at the top of the scaffold accidents occur frequently. 4. Aluminum alloy scaffolding is welding of high strength aluminum alloy material, and its advantages, mainly divided into the following: shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding using light and very strong aviation aluminum alloy as the material, parts of very light in weight, easy installation, handling and storage; Shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding using modular combination, can be applied to the cantilevered balcony, cantilever beam, the variable cross-section and the geometric cross section irregular high-rise building better, more obvious; Aluminum alloy scaffolding dismantling is convenient, basic up to the standard, assembly, standardization, general; Multi-function climbing frame is used for the aluminum alloy scaffolding construction, only 3 ~ 5 people that can be used as a lifting climbing frame, save labor cost, shorten the construction period, the work efficiency, reduce expenditure cost; Aluminum alloy scaffolding material saving cost, multi-function climb frame body only 4 ~ 4. 5 times floors high, according to the construction progress step by step, more than double xenophobic scaffolds have been put to the top from the ground to reduce steel volume of 40% or more.
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