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Combined with the actual case analysis of aluminum alloy scaffolding - deep Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shi

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Hong Kong gold coast set-up 20 meters gold coast aluminum alloy scaffolding. A full set of adopt aluminum alloy scaffolding and on-site installation inspection and delivery. In western countries, aluminum alloy scaffolding already replace the steel pipe scaffold, its light solid features and the characteristics of recycling and environmental protection, loved by the developed countries. Hong Kong area project construction, aluminum alloy scaffolding occupies the dominant position, the mature and advanced technology has reached the world level. The Hong Kong beach set up process takes a short, well packaged. Hong Kong subway station 50 meters on the vertical channel as a whole in all adopt the button type aluminum alloy scaffolding, products in full compliance with the Hong Kong construction standards. Super MTR type aluminum alloy scaffolding is perpendicular to the wall of foundation pit, using a fixed bracket fixed by bolts on metope. Due to the high altitude, in order to ensure the safety of workers and every 50 cm furnish lever. And additional safety net to prevent accidental falls. Each layer of erection of 45 degrees of inclined ladder 'of' glyph channel. Convenient to workers. Button type aluminum alloy scaffolding vertical channel is suitable for the narrow construction site slope steep or vertical support of foundation pit. Between the upper and lower body shop floor. Bridge construction site, etc. Shenzhen bay 1 lobby renovation mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding. Is a kind of simple structures, aluminum material produced by scaffolding, equipped with castor, can mobile scaffolding work platform area is large, assembled solid job security, no loose parts, do not need to use any tools auxiliary structures, you just need to artificial combination. This portable aluminum alloy scaffolding is widely used in hotels, halls, property management, outdoor advertising decoration such as high altitude use in the workplace. Due to the aluminum profile is made for the material, so this kind of scaffolding is light in weight, handling and structures, not human consumption, the transport is very convenient. Scaffolding is not time-consuming, save labor cost, improve project efficiency greatly, improve project performance. Guangzhou Evergrande garden in the uneven ground, there are obstacles. On aerial work, aluminum alloy plate buckles scaffold is the best choice, it has flexible structures, morphology, avoiding obstacles and aluminum alloy material makes the foot. Overall frame lighter, less pressure on the ground, the bearing capacity is bigger. The outer wall of Ocean Park in Hong Kong Ocean Park renovation, button scaffold engineering scheme was adopted, irregular wall in response to the park by reinforcing bar, set up the ladder; And pedals, let the construction efficiency is improved, at the same time, the safety of construction personnel get effective guarantee. Crowne plaza to the characteristics of aluminum alloy scaffolding and lighter, also suit to built a cantilever form to carry on the construction, through fixed on the bracket with good advance gradually set down again, at the same time the bottom side lateral structures, enhancing stability.
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