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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Shenzhen bay before 1 project using mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding, aluminum profile is a kind of simple structures, materials and scaffolding, equipped with castor, can move, work platform area is large, assembled solid job security, no loose parts, do not need to use any tools auxiliary structures, you just need to artificial combination. Its widely used in hotels, halls, property management, outdoor advertising, decoration and so on high altitude use in the workplace. Due to the aluminum profile is made for the material, so the weight is light, moving and structures, not human consumption, the transport is very convenient. Scaffolding is not time-consuming, save labor cost, improve project efficiency greatly, improve project construction performance. Evergrande guangzhou garden hotel decorate condole carries on the project, the overall use button in aluminum alloy scaffolding, firm structure, light quality, no other small scattered parts, the erection process takes a brief, comprehensive type ultrahigh scaffold erection difficulties, the high quality heavy and human cost problem. Set-up before considering the space limitation, uneven ground and space obstacle is various, shenzhen tengda free custom an exclusive construction scheme, the suspended structure and adjustable casters, for the erection. Dangling design not only ensure the objects do not move, do not force, do not damage the integrity of the, again do not time-consuming, easy set-up method efficiently. Adjustable casters to ground Gao Dixing steps, can still be in use level, uniform structure. Set-up, the place empty, no other blockage, but because of its soft sand, there is no option adjustable casters. At the bottom of the aluminum alloy scaffolding support chose with tablet, increasing stress area, surrounded by brace may choose to consolidate the ground contact point or inserted into the soil, guarantee the scaffolding of the solid. Fully modular design to build, composed of multiple scaffolding assemble, the joint of each scaffold has a special lock is fixed. 5 at the bottom of the layers, make sure that there is no dumping and shaking, the upper part can be directly set up, with a 'rocket', structure with solid and safe, structures, or other complex operation, the one man, one layer, transmission parts can be completed quickly. Hong Kong MTR station 50 meters on the vertical channel overall all adopt the button type aluminum alloy scaffolding scaffolding, products in full compliance with the Hong Kong construction standards. The MTR can be perpendicular to the wall of foundation pit, using a fixed bracket fixed by bolts on metope. Due to the high altitude, in order to ensure the safety of workers and every 50 cm furnish rail, and additional safety net, to prevent accidental falls. Each layer of erection of 45 degrees of inclined ladder 'of' glyph channel, convenient worker. By the example above, construction types of aluminum alloy scaffolding main characteristic has the following several aspects: simple assembly, light weight, convenient transportation, portable, save time, can in the limited space inside the homework, operational use Gao Dixing steps, solid security.
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