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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Fast loading type aluminum alloy scaffolding using single pole aluminum tube, no height restrictions, applicable to any height, any place, any complicated engineering environment. Each layer of work flat pallet support kg on average. Heavy duty at kg. According to customer's requirements and different parts of special design and production, meet the actual needs of users. Aluminum alloy scaffolding advantage: in addition to the single set of independent use, also can form escalators, stairs and the construction site and other large-scale structure, aluminum alloy material is light and strong, increased the working space, fast loading type design, shorten the construction time can be according to the needs of a variety of accessories, the platform structures in different height of the aluminium frame, to meet the needs of different projects. But it has the height limit, aluminum alloy scaffolding generally fast loading type aluminum alloy scaffolding, are highly restricted, tengda fast loading type aluminum alloy scaffolding is 2 - 40 meters, once more than the height, it is recommended that the select button type aluminum alloy scaffolding. Aluminum tube length change should distinguish button type aluminum alloy scaffolding parts, the speed ability has a great influence. For the framework supports, should be considered from the strong point is usually less than 1 m ( In the new specifications may need to be revised) The length of the level of the center line of the cross bar can't be too long. In the calculation of the longitudinal connecting rod, and the role of the next step on step stress usually is very big, should be in order as the main computing point. When rotation ability doesn't meet the requirement of the group, should increase the vertical rod so as to shorten the spacing of the longitudinal and cross, or should increase the horizontal pole to shorten the walking distance. Believe that through the above introduction, to fast loading type aluminum alloy scaffolding will have a more profound understanding.
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