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Common problems to aluminum alloy scaffolding aluminum alloy scaffolding being fostered button scaffolding construction scaffolding - being Jiangsu Shizhan feet

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
For aluminum alloy scaffolding common problem has always been known to cope with the headaches, believe that after the introduction, you will have a more profound understanding. To aluminum alloy scaffolding should have a clear understanding, generally if the thickness of the floor more than 300 mm, should consider the design according to the aluminum alloy scaffolding, scaffolding load more than 15 kn/was, the design should organize expert argumentation. To separate the parts of the steel tube length changes on bearing, support for template should be considered: a horizontal bar above the centerline of the length of the template support a shoulds not be too long, it is advisable to generally less than 400 mm ( In the new specification may be revised) , poling calculation step above and below step stress is larger, should serve as the main computing point. When required by the bearing capacity of discontent group should add stud reduce the vertical and horizontal spacing, or increase the horizontal bar interval. For aluminum alloy scaffolding above the analysis of common problems, hopes to be helpful for everyone to use aluminum alloy scaffolding, welcome to call consultation.
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