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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Foot hand clip contact phone number: 18420150310 console scaffold bracing and transverse brace rule 1, fastener type steel pipe scaffold bracing should be along the whole high Settings. When high frame under 24 m, but along the length of scaffolding distance is not more than 15 m Settings; High rack for more than 24 m length should be along the scaffolding successively set up bracing, epoxy paint, and should be set transverse brace, stainless steel core pulling rivets, transverse brace from the bottom of the frame to support a word string arrangements, brad, along the length of scaffolding interval 6 across Settings. 2, bowl type steel pipe scaffold, rack high under 24 m, diagonal in lateral sash 1/5 of the total; For more than 24 m high, according to the set diagonal sash 1/3 of the total. 3, door type steel pipe scaffold table next to two side should full cross support rod, when the aircraft more than 20 m high, should also be along the length and height were set on the outside of scaffold bracing, the bracing steel pipe scale should be unique steel tube standard with the door frame. When the bracing tube diameter and the door frame steel pipe diameter was not common, fragrance materials, should adopt different fastener connection. 4, a bunch of fastener type steel pipe scaffold in addition to the scaffolding of the lateral vertical bracing, adjacent to the core set hole stone tea table, when the scaffold is higher than 4 m, should also be along the scaffold bracing height set a degree every two steps. Foot hand clip
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