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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Disclosure content: 1, in strict accordance with the 'construction engineering fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications' and the construction scheme of build-up. Scaffolding shall be inspected qualified before use. Scaffolder is tested and approved by the training of qualified show certificates. 2, no drunken mount guard, to enter the construction site must wear safety helmet, high homework fasten your seat belt. Lock tight clothes, trousers cuffs, wearing non-slip shoes. Forbid play combat during work time. 3, it is forbidden to use corroded seriously, the bending deformation and has a hole, hole crack of steel pipe erection of scaffolding. 4,, old fastener quality inspection must be conducted before using, cracks, deformation, is strictly prohibited appear smooth silk bolt must be replaced. Around 5,, scaffolding must consolidate foundation and is equipped with drainage facilities. Wooden plate thickness is not less than 5 cm, the length is not less than 2 times of stud and longitudinal distance, high channel is also available. 6,, elevated build-up wooden plate should be smooth, put a good base, then in the stud in the base, are not allowed to post directly on the wood. 7, and pole docking fasteners should be staggered. Synchronization in two separated by a vertical bar insulation joint in the height direction of stagger distance should not be less than 500 mm; The distance form the centre of the joint to the master node shoulds not be more than one third step distance. 8, long, poling lap can be used in addition to the surface, the top step, the rest of the layers of the joint must be connected by docking fastener, top top step of the lap length should not be less than 1 m. 9, longitudinal rod ( The ledger) Its length should be set in the inside of the stud, should not be greater than 3 across. 10, main contact must be set at a horizontal level pole ( Small bar) And dismantling right-angle fastener hooking it is strictly prohibited. 11, height under 24 m single and double row scaffolding, must be in the outside facade set a bracing is at each end, and should be from bottom to top connection Settings, among all the way clear distance between bracing is not more than 15 m. Height at 24 m more than double row scaffolding should be in the outside facade bracing throughout the length and height of continuous Settings. 12, the scaffold must be set longitudinal and transverse rod sweeps the floor. Longitudinal rod sweeps the floor should be right-angle fastener epithelial no greater than 200 mm from the base of the stud. One word, open rack at both ends of the double row scaffolding must be set transverse brace, middle appropriate every four across Settings. 13, homework layer on the construction load should comply with the design requirements, shall not be overloaded, shall not be template bracket, cable wind rope, pumping concrete and mortar conveying tube fixed on the scaffold; It is forbidden to hang lifting equipment. 14, the scaffolding during the period of construction, it is forbidden to dismantle the master node in the longitudinal and transverse longitudinal, lateral horizontal bar and sweep the floor and even the wall. 15, dismantle scaffold, the ground should be set up around the archives and warning signs, and hold people to keep and prohibit the operation personnel, all the components are strictly prohibited thrown to the ground. 16, 24 m height above the double row of scaffolding must adopt rigid wall piece and building reliable connection. 17, scaffolding even the wall of a building and the vertical spacing should be not greater than 4 m, horizontal spacing should be not more than 7 m. 18, scaffolding material must conform to the requirements. The bamboo scaffolding should not have deficiency of bamboo. Thickness of wooden planks should be not less than 5 cm of rot, the brittleness of splitting wood; Steel scaffolding should be 2 mm thick plate stamping made there can be no rust, crack. 19, homework layer outside the frame must be put with hard protective.
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