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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Seven, pull node: pull node rigid connection must be used, and a reliable connection and poling and buildings; Node appropriate USES lozenge arrangement, for the spacing of two step across three and three three spans two ways; Node should be close to the master node set, deviating from the master node distance should not be greater than 300 mm; La node should start with the first step of ledger Settings; Eight, homework layer must be put with scaffolding plank, scaffolding material is hard, no corrosion crack; Scaffolding probe 3 should be adopted. 2 m of galvanized steel wire fixed on the supporting rods; Layer from the top job scaffolding down, should put a layer of foot every 12 m full in the plate. Ten, homework layer should be built for 0. 6 m, 1。 2 m high two protective railings, must also be set up 18 cm high foot. Eleven, feeding platform: feeding platform must from the ground to take root, and Rachel, and buildings are strictly forbidden to pull on the frame body; Loading platform of the tower shall have the design, calculation, and the limited heavy plate; 6 m, 1. 2 m high guard rail two, must also be set up 18 cm high baseboard, and set net to visit protector. Twelve, scaffolding set-up, must cooperate with construction schedule should be not more than a build-up adjacent nodes above two steps. Dismantling should be top-down in sequence, a clear, step up and down is not allowed and assignment: node must be demolished along with step by step a scaffold, piecewise demolition of elevation difference step shall not be greater than 2; 2, dismantled scaffold of ledger, bracing, should first open the middle fasteners, split two head fasteners, down by the operation of paramagnetic pole; 3, remove the foot hand lever, scaffolding, fasteners, wire rope etc, should be to transfer or use rope sling, forbidden to throw. 14, sanbao 1, a safety helmet: to enter the construction site must wear safety helmet, safety helmet must wear the correct; Federated eye network must be province recommended products, have three certificates (a drought Permit, certificate, certificate of approval, apply mutatis formal invoice) Federated eye network tie with a nylon rope, it is forbidden to use the wire binding; 3, seat belt: aerial work must wear a seat belt. 15, four: 1, the stairs: standard protective railings, tools; Door standard, tools, protection should be closely, and in the first floor or a flat screen, should be three layers and up every no more than 10 meters along; 3, to keep the mouth: according to the specification requirements, protection strict, standard, tools; 4, opening: access points should be positioned according to the requirements of specification protective shed, protective canopy height is 2. 5 meters, width of 1. 5 m, 5 cm thick laid wood floor, about 50 cm apart, gangway length to be protected by the radius of falling. Different height fall radius R h, respectively is: when the height of 11 to 2 - 5 m, the radius R of 2 m fall; When the height for 5 to 11 15 m, radius R is 3 m fall; When the height H to 15 The 30 m, radius R is 4 m fall; When the height H is more than 30 m, radius R is 5 m fall; 16, border protection: in the floor, stair edge, excavation and, in the roof and side must be 0. 6 m, 1。 2 m of a protective barrier, must also be set up 18 cm high foot, with safety set net closed.
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