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by:Shizhan     2020-06-24
Aluminum alloy lighting truss frame is stage of soul. Structures are the Swiss artist defended the said: 'the light music, the visual equivalent, the only wit of inner performance both representation of music and light. 'Light' musical, 'light' melody ', has attracted numerous peer recently widely, and insuring to a kind of rational knowledge. Defended the o and said: 'only the stage art of palette, only the soul of the theater. Stage of the truss structure itself is relatively stable, at the beginning of the condole top of some tools are often used to, places such as gas stations, and now as to expanding the scope of application, the advantages of many aspects, especially the product continuously, the role of is also very big. Most is a makeshift stage, will not only cost a lot of time, and physical strength, but can now choose to use the stage truss can save a lot of time, also can reduce a large number of human waste. Stage of truss quality has always been closely watched, for a performance can be more smooth and more perfect show of space, is the need to select qualified products. From the size of the products and specifications, must according to the actual demand to determine, specific length, width and height, etc. , choose good, manufacturers can create a more comfortable for you, easy stage.
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