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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
⎛ ⎝ acuity ⏝ ⏝ ⎠ or less ⎞ SJG - shenzhen engineering construction standards 46 - 2018 construction engineering safety civilization construction standard construction bureau shenzhen tengda door type aluminum alloy scaffolding and emergency management agency (fema), can effectively guarantee the safety of construction personnel, its structure is stable, the equipment is simple, do not need more maintenance, use of also can reduce some economic, such as the replacement or do not need castor. Assembly foreign body how to prevent: scaffolding fasteners in the loaded on the rotor, balance will be easily generated when the dynamic balance of iron into the scaffold fastener inside, so it is best to install completes the balance before the scaffold fasteners. Recommended emergency management agency ( 4) Remove the door frame, steel pipes and fittings, and shall be bound and mechanical lifting or derrick transmitted to the ground, to prevent the collision, it is forbidden to throw. Construction equipment. Construction bureau, head of the domestic professional aluminum alloy scaffolding companies said: emergency administration at present, aluminum alloy scaffolding is comparatively mature in Europe and the United States and other developed areas, have strict related to design, manufacture, testing standards, the domestic market is developing gradually, but the situation is, aluminum alloy scaffolding mixed with dragon fish market, counterfeit, copy the many products. These problems are often plagued construction personnel. Scaffolding, exquisite, standard, must according to the standard set to better protect the safety of the construction personnel simply, of course, is the same as the scaffold to remove, there is a standard demand note, today we mainly to grasp the scaffolding removal method and the matters needing attention. Security check. More about the importance of bowl buckles type steel pipe scaffold inspection is self-evident. The installation of fittings and fastening conform to requirements. Construction bureau recommended article 9 high suspension operation shall not be in fog, rain, snow, wind, Wind speed 10. 8 m/s, wind level 6) Such as bad weather and no lighting at night. If the site is used, it is best to use the construction bureau recommended recommend ladder scaffold ladder scaffolding and emergency administration
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