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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Article 19 the remove 1, intends to remove cantilever rack in the case of keep the original integrity, before cantilever rack disassembly operations. 2, remove the work must be according to the special requirements of the construction method and safety operation procedures. 3, remove the safety technical disclosure should be made for workers before disassembly when due and reliable safety operation conditions and measures to prevent falling material, it is forbidden to throw the material. Article 20 the night or in level 6 ( Including 6) Above the wind and thunderstorm weather, may not be the erection and removal operations. Article 21 the cantilever erection, removing operation, should be set warning zone, irrelevant personnel to enter the construction site is prohibited. The construction site shall be responsible for the unified command and full-time care personnel. Ought to create positions, personal, proportional amount in each process. Homework personnel shall strictly carry out the construction plan and the related safety technical regulations. Article 22 the cantilever rack should be used properly according to the requirement of the special construction scheme, shall not be extended arbitrarily use scope; Construction load on the frame body must comply with the design requirements, the concentration shall be not overload or stack. On the rack body construction waste and other debris should be clear in time. Article 23 in cantilever construction enterprises outside the frame of construction shall be carried out according to the following requirements: 1, according to the special requirements to complete the construction scheme, and organize experts to review, with the approval of the construction enterprise technical director, chief supervision engineer, before construction to submit the 'longgang district construction safety surveillance for special project supervision for the record. 2 build-up in every stage in the process of organization supervision and other relevant departments for joint acceptance. Article 24 the construction supervising units in cantilever outside the frame of should do the following work: 1 of the review process of supervision; 2 installed in stages of station supervision; 3 acceptance monitoring of construction enterprises. Article 25 a unit supervision during the construction of a cantilever of an outer layer should do the following work: 1 supervise scheme for the record; 2 to supervise the acceptance situation; 3 to install and remove the engineering supervision of spot check. Article 26 the provisions since April 10, 20 xx years. In article 4 of the corrections: should comply with the specifications for design of steel structure ( GBJ17- 88). Instead of the steel structure design code ( GB50017- 2003).
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