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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Article 1 for the purpose of regulating and strengthening the development zone construction cantilever scaffold and safety supervision and management of prevention safety accidents, ensure the construction site personnel life and property safety, these rules. Article 2 within their respective administrative areas in the construction of cantilever scaffold design, construction, The erection, dismantle) Acceptance, use, activities and supervision and management, should abide by the rules. Cantilever scaffold ( Hereinafter referred to as the cantilever frame) Refers to the aircraft structure unloading in rigid cantilever beam attached to the building structure ( Frame) On the scaffolding, used in the construction of the subject or renovation work and safe protection needs, each segment erection height shall not be greater than 24 m. Article 3 the cantilever erection of unit, should be subject to the construction general contracting unit of safe production management of the construction site. Cantilever rack erection of unit responsible for the erection quality and the safety of the operation process. Article 4 of the cantilever rack design, construction, check and acceptance and supervision and management in addition to comply with this regulation, still should abide by the provisions of the existing national standards and norms related to the other. Cantilever structure should comply with the specifications for design of steel structure ( GBJ17- 88). 。 Frame body parts should meet the construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications '( JGJ130 - 2001). 。 Article 5 of the cantilever rack should prepare special construction plan before construction, must have a working drawing and design calculation, and meet the requirements for the security technology, and with the approval of the construction enterprise technical director, chief supervision engineer, before construction to submit the 'longgang district construction safety surveillance for special project supervision for the record. Article 6 of the cantilever rack special construction plan should include body connected to the building and supporting structure detail, such as load values, use requirements, set-up, maintenance and remove the frame body safety technical measures. Cantilever rack attached structures should be reinforced concrete structure and steel structure, shall not be dependent on the structure of brick or stone. And deal with the attached after the erection of the structural components of the bearing capacity and deformation calculation, can meet the requirements before implementation of cantilever structures and frame body build-up. Specific parts of cantilever scaffold processing ( Such as the balcony, opening Angle, light Wells, frame body etc. ) In the special safety construction organization design, it is necessary to set-up requirements, detailed drawing detail drawing to guide construction, and do it at the bottom of the frame body poling is reliable supporting points and ensure that no displacement. Article 7 of the supporting structure should be formed steel cantilever frame cantilever beam or cantilever truss, etc. , shall not use steel; The node should be bolted connection or welding, shall not be connected by fasteners. And the fixed way of structures should be determined by way of design and calculation, and approved by the engineering design unit, the engineering design unit shall put forward guidance to prevent production safety. Use of steel cantilever beam production, its model, specification and fixed end and the choice of the cantilever end size should be determined by way of design and calculation, connected to the building structure level bearing should be adopted on the building beam slab structure in the form of fixed end length should not be less than 1. Five times the length of overhanging and connected to the building must be reliable, Such as by not less than two embedded u-bolt and clamp with double nut is fixed, the screw with nut should not less than 3) Connection strength should be determined by way of calculation. Adopts steel welding connection, should use HPB235 ( Φ) Grade steel. Wire rope and other flexible material can only as a kind of safety measures, shall not be used as the stress of the cantilever structure bar, shall not participate in solution in the calculation. Article 8 the cantilever frame body should adopt rigid even the wall is a strong connection with the architecture, even the wall piece should be set in the corresponding to the cantilever beam structure. Scaffold three across every two steps or scaffold frame body vertical projection area of every 27 ㎡ should be set within a rigid wall pieces. It is forbidden to use steel and other flexible wall pieces. Even the wall should be close to the master node set, deviating from the master node distance should not be greater than 300 mm; Even the wall piece should be started setting, the first longitudinal bar at the bottom of the Settings are in trouble, other reliable measures should be taken. The main structure Yang Angle or Yin Angle, two directions shall be set up even the wall. Article 9 of the scaffold should be set in the lateral elevation along the entire length and height, bridging in a row, each bridging across made stem number 5 - Seven, the minimum distance shall not be less than 6 m, bracing horizontal Angle 45 ° - 60 °, the architecture and the cantilever beam, Frame) Become an organic whole repeatedly. End of one word, open mouth scaffold must be set transverse brace; Should be between every 6 set a stud spacing, the position should be set at the same time even the wall; Angle position can be set up horizontal brace as reinforcement. The transverse brace should be from the bottom to the top of the font row layout. Article 10 at the bottom of the frame connected with cantilever structure should be solid, not slip or move. Framework should be set at the bottom of the longitudinal and transverse rod, transverse rod should be close to the cantilever beam sweeps the floor, Frame) , vertical sweeping stem from the cantilever beam, Frame) Shall not be greater than 20 cm; The first step longitudinal bar interval shall not be greater than 1. 5m.
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