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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Article 11 the frame structure in the following parts should be reinforcement measures: 1, the frame body elevation Angle and both ends of a glyph outside the frame; 2, the frame body and tower crane, elevator, material hoist, discharging platform equipment need to disconnect or openings; 3, other special parts. Article 12 the discharging platform should be set separately load should be passed directly to the engineering structure or ground, may not be passed to the scaffolding frame body. Shall not be template bracket, cable wind rope, pumping concrete and mortar conveying pipe fixed on the scaffolding, hanging lifting equipment is forbidden. Discharging platform erection of plan and design calculation should be according to the provisions of article 7. In this way. Article 13 the materials and production of cantilever structure parts used in the original materials, auxiliary materials and performance should be consistent with existing national standards and the requirements of the specification. Any of the following circumstances, the components shall not be used: 1, steel tube, fastener product quality certificate, inspection report; 2, fastener without production license; 3, cantilever support pieces have crack, deformation; 4, bolt connecting piece deformation, severe wear, corrosion or bolt damage; 5, steel tube, fastener without antirust processing. Article 14 a discharge preparation work before 1, build-up, remove the homework before the preparation of special construction plan of the professional technical management personnel to all the homework personnel should be safety technical disclosure, and signing formalities; The erection personnel must hold relevant certificates. 2, before the erection shall be in accordance with the requirements of special construction plan alignment positioning accurately. 3, remove the former deal with plans to remove the scaffold inspection acceptance, ensure the safety of the frame structure and the affect is using scaffolding necessary reinforcement.
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