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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
1, 2 letter of acceptance and the construction permit and construction contract 3, 4, construction engineering supervision on supervision contract review approvals and construction drawing review, general administration of quality supervision registration 6, 5 key points and quality supervision of quality supervision clarificaiton work plan, geotechnical engineering survey report 7 8, came record 9, the supervision of construction ( Or the owner) Approval of the construction organization design or construction scheme 10, 11 work-start reports, quality management system registration form, construction site quality management inspection record 13, 12 technical clarificaiton record 14, measuring position construction generally refers to the beginning of the civil engineering construction. A good beginning is equivalent to half the success, and preparation of project, the better, late in the project the less troubles. There are indispensable scaffolding scaffolding, need special personnel to measure the plan.
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