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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Jiaxing aluminum alloy manufacturer of aerial work platform telephone contact number: 18420150310 doors scaffold has many USES in the building, in addition to the set-up of internal and external scaffold for, can also be used for the erection activities workbench, beam slab formwork support shelf, temporary stands and other homework, gantry scaffolding belongs to a kind of new economic environmental scaffold. Gantry scaffolding set-up: according to the following procedure commonly stow-wood laid ( Board) To stay, put the base, stand up since the end door frame and then with the bracing - horizontal beams (installed Or scaffold board) To put the ladder, ( When needed, furnish long longitudinal bar) To furnish even wall bar, according to the above steps, resulto installation to install long to strengthen the overall stiffness of bracing, installed at the top of the rail. Scaffold erection of door, the base must be strictly strengthen the super flat, and spread the adjustable base, lest produce slump and uneven settlement. The top and bottom of the door frame with longitudinal bar and rod sweeps the floor. Outlets scaffolding set-up, from one end to the other side must not begin from both ends of the erection, because from both ends at the same time, authors to joints may be misplaced and unable to connect into a whole. In the first step after the completion of the scaffold erection and erection of scaffolding on step. Must be set between the door frame bracing and horizontal beams ( Or scaffold board) , reliable connection, in order to ensure the overall stiffness of scaffold. On assignments require temporary bracing, dismantled scaffold inside should be set up in the first layer in the lateral upper longitudinal rod, then remove the bracing. Immediately after the operation should be bracing remounted, and longitudinal rod will be moved to the next or on a job. Whole scaffolding must be placed a moderate amount of horizontal reinforcement bars ( Longitudinal bar) , the former three layers to each layer Settings, three more than every three layers together. In long bracing (on the side of the outer shelf ɸ 48 feet hand pole, 6 ~ 8 m long) , the height and width of 3 ~ 4 step spacing and column spacing, 45 ° ~ 60 ° Angle with the ground, between adjacent long bracing be apart 3 ~ 5 column spacing, high along the whole set. Scaffolding must be connected at the corner and Rachel, and wall and use the steel tube, rotating fastener and connect in cross direction of the door frame. Using even the wall tube or even the wall will be tied to scaffolding and building structure, even the largest spacing of wall points in the vertical direction is 6 m, to 8 m in horizontal direction. Jiaxing aluminum manufacturers call aerial work platform
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