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Construction of steel pipe scaffold to abide by the 'safe' to approach engineering easy - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focused on the work high above the flat

by:Shizhan     2020-08-27
In [ Steel pipe scaffold] On safety protection should provide security effectively, prevent objects in [ Steel pipe scaffold] Fall and slide, prevent falling, sliding, and the impact of the object. ( A) Job site safety WeiDang should be set up and warning signs, irrelevant personnel shall be prohibited from entering the construction area; Did not form or losing stability of the structure of the scaffold part, should be set up temporary support or other reliable security measures; No safety buckle, should set up safety belt bus arrangement or security; Shall not use material lifting or lifting facilities for casting. ( 2) Scaffolding operation of scaffolding to be spread and binding and firm, shall not have cracks and probe board, scaffolding and metope distance shall not be more than 20 cm; Surface facade protection facilities shall be determined according to the specific circumstances, can use set net, fence and springboard for protection. ( 3) Scaffold outside should be completely closed according to the specific situation, such as safety, bamboo springboard, tarpaulin etc. ( 4) Scaffolding of pedestrians and close to or through the channel, should be set protective shed; Up and down the scaffold gateway has the elevation difference, the step should be set up and fence; When necessary, the scaffold ladder shall set up anti-skid measures, the ladder should be set armrest.
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