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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Construction scaffolding is closely connected with life. Construction workers in general can be seen standing on the shelf at the scene of the construction site and decorate. The shelves are our discussion scaffolding, scaffolding seems to be conducive to the construction of workers, and solve the vertical or horizontal transportation construction. The scaffold can be made of wood, steel or synthetic materials. According to its structure and use, can be divided into the template scaffold, scaffold for single row, double row scaffolding, decoration scaffolding, scaffold structure, suspension scaffold. Scaffolding varieties have scaffold for fasteners, door steel pipe scaffolding, bowls, gusset plate type, aluminum alloy scaffolding. Fastener scaffold bearing capacity big, assembly and disassembly is relatively simple, more important is the economy, the cost is not high. The disadvantage is that fastener quality greatly affect the quality of its use. Suitable for all kinds of scaffolding, racks, ramps, bracket and other temporary buildings. Door steel pipe scaffold structure is reasonable, the bearing capacity is big, easy to install and remove. Defect is no flexibility, the price is higher. Mainly suitable for scaffolding and mobile greenhouses molding, etc. Recommend button scaffold, each component is good, is the overall quality of 'button scaffold tag must base: the main application: the standard base is placed after the adjustable base, then connect the base and the cross rod, make solid foundation stability, and subsequent installation can be performed. Hurry up again. Main frame of the main rod: main use: used for the main supporting force - the entire system Bearing component. Connection mode: circular tube connecting rod or outer sleeve is closely connected. Steel tube material: Q195 for low carbon alloy steel and Q235 carbon steel pipe, square has the advantage that the column can be up to 30 kn limit load, using automatic professional welding technology, hot galvanizing process, plate type scaffold crossbar: main use: the main frame uniform stress distribution, to support each other, not easily get bent out of shape. Connection mode is: the cross rod head and middle plate, international standard cast steel.
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