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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
A backward, scaffolding technology, technical force is weak at present, the construction of the internal and external scaffolding and formwork, still mainly adopts the fastener type steel pipe scaffold, behind the scaffolding technology in construction work fee, poor security, has been rarely used in foreign developed countries. The scaffold is not need professional factories, construction companies and leasing companies can purchase steel tube to tube mill directly, to purchase fasteners fasteners factory. Many tube mill and fastener factory are backward production technology, the simple and crude equipment, the low level of technology of some small private factory, it is difficult to guarantee product quality. At present most of the scaffolding factory equipment simple, backward production technology, low level of technology, technical force is weak, there is no independent research and development ability, can only copy other people's products, or to foreign OEM orders. Some factory has more than ten years of history, the scale of production is also growing, production technical level is higher, but still does not have its own brand products, the current domestic have independent intellectual property rights of the scaffold not more than 10 enterprises. Manufacturers too much, the price competition is fierce at present domestic has hundreds of professional scaffolding factory, there are many family mill type small plant, such as a region in hebei has many production family small bowl button scaffolding and accessories factory, the adoption steel pipe wall thickness and material are not qualified, and some factory also USES the old scaffolding steel pipe processing. Jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding consistently strives for the survival by the quality, credibility and development services to clients. In order to meet the needs of social development, we adhering to the scientific management methods of modern enterprise, continuous innovation, technical excellence, the department brings together a group of forge ahead represents the level of technical elite, bigger and stronger is our goal to struggle! My company to accept the correct guidance of construction enterprises, constantly improve and strengthen ourselves, customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit! Warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to patronize, enhance friendship, and seek common development, create brilliant! Key words: construction scaffolding
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