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Construction scaffolding deposit how to maintenance and repair methods - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shi

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Construction scaffolding, safety is the carrier, the scaffold is loaded, piling, construction of temporary structure frame, is an important auxiliary facilities of construction work. 。 If you have any want to extend the service life of it, it needed to protect and repair, to maintain its normal state. There are many different kinds of scaffolding, according to the setting position can be divided into multiple lever, posture, bridge, hanging, hanging type, elevating, tool type interlayer operations. 。 Materials used for wood, bamboo, steel tube scaffold. 。 Scaffolding is the basic requirement of its width should satisfy operating workers, material storage and transportation demand, strong stability, convenient installation and disassembly, can be used repeatedly turnaround. 。 The framework structure is mainly refers to the operational layer, horizontal and vertical frame of three parts. 。 Layer is directly under the construction load, load by scaffolding to small bar, then transfer to the ledger and pillar. 。 Transverse frame composed of stud and a small bar, is directly under the scaffold and transmission part of the vertical load, is the body of the scaffold. 。 Longitudinal framework is mainly to enhance the overall stability of the scaffold. 。 First of all, the repair work is necessary, we all know that the scaffold is very important in the construction of the carrier, so to do well the maintenance work, is responsible for construction safety. 。 Any bending deformation of bar should be straightening, the damaged components should be repair, ensure the normal use in the course of construction. 。 Second, the use of the scaffold ( Including the corresponding accessories) Should be timely withdrawing, classified depositing. 。 When deposited in the open air to ensure that the storage space of flatness, good drainage, under the support pad, covered with tarpaulin, attachments, parts should be indoors. 。
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