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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Scaffolding aluminum alloy technology good contact phone number: 18420150310 scaffolding is the indispensable measures, the work high above the assignments can be tangible, not only involved in the process of erection of safety issues, the erection quality degree will also affect the scaffold is used, the scaffold is like a bridge of safe passage, safe passage cannot be ignored. As the housing industry, railways, highways, airports, and other fields the expansion of investment, the growing demand for construction scaffolding. However, our country construction scaffolding overall market competition chaos, remains to be further standardized and integrated industry development; Then we'll see together building scaffolding installation and the matters needing attention. Construction scaffolding installation and note 1, plate, the base shall be positioned accurately on the line, smooth plate must be laid, shall not be suspended. 2, erection of columns, diameter of different steel pipe it is forbidden to mix, docking fastener adjacent columns shall not be in the same height, stagger distance should conform to the requirements of the structure. 3, started the erection column, should every 6 set across a brace, until a stable after installation, the wall shall be removed depending on the situation. 4, when set to have even the wall is a structural layer, the erection of the columns, finished here after longitudinal rod, lateral horizontal pole, should immediately set even a wall. Line 5, closed scaffold with step longitudinal rod must be around the circle, with rectangular fasteners with internal and external fixed Angle. 6, double row scaffolding lateral horizontal pole side against the wall to wall adornment the distance should not be greater than 100 mm. 7, when the scaffold operational layer above the wall of a step or two, the temporary stability measures should be taken, until even set-up the rear wall of a removable. 8, bracing, horizontal support should be with the pillar, and vertical and horizontal to the horizontal pole synchronous build-up, bracing, lateral support from the centerline of the fasteners, such as from the master node should not be greater than 150 mm. 9, docking fastener opening should be facing up or itself. The end of the bar out of fasteners on the edge of the plate length should be not less than 100 mm. 10, scaffolding, full shop, shop, stand on one side wall wall distance should not be greater than 150 mm. Scaffolding probe diameter 3 should be adopted. 20 mm galvanized steel wire and fixed on the supporting rod, in the corner, ramps of scaffold board and flat mouth should be connected to the transverse horizontal pole reliable, placed in the slide. 11, the rail and pedal should be positioned in the outside the inside of the post, on the rail epithelial height of 1. Center set up 20 m, baluster, block foot height is 150 mm. 12, after the completion of the scaffold erection, must experience, can be put into use. Construction scaffolding demolished and matters needing attention, 1) Demolition job according to the erection job instead procedures, follow from top to bottom, to build after the demolition, to dismantle the principle of first, after the first rail, scaffolding, bracing, tear open a small bar, bar, after poling, etc. , according to the principle of a clear step in turn; ( 2) It is forbidden to up and down on at the same time; ( 3) Tear open poling, should first hold stud again open the last two buttons. Tear open the ledger, bracing, should first open the middle button, and then hold the middle, and end clasp solution; ( 4) Even the wall pole in the upper pole pieces after the demolition, Stretch up poling except) The rear can dismantle; ( 5) Loosen the fastener flat bar should be removed at any time, must not loose on the shelf; ( 6) Demolition of a long bar should be two people work together, in order to avoid mistakes when working alone; ( 7) Remove the bar should be lifting to the ground, may not throw down; ( 8) Shipped to the ground rod parts should be specified location, increases with the increasing demolition, classification, pattern on the same day on the day of the qing dynasty. Conclusion: the above is the small make up to introduce the construction scaffolding installation and the content of the matters needing attention, hope can be helpful to everyone. Partners if you have any good advice, looking forward to communicate with small make up oh, scaffolding aluminum alloy technology
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