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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Construction scaffolding internships purpose and work content ( A) A, intern purpose: the purpose of this exercise is to improve the practical experience in the project, understand the whole process of construction management, enrich and expand their knowledge, through contacts and participate in practical work, cultivate the ability of comprehensive application, lay the foundation for the future of the course, prepare for the future work, comprehensive review and consolidate the construction course of the equipment. Through practice training, effective study effect, let us understand the basic component of construction equipment and construction order, improve the understanding of the knowledge of construction equipment, accessed through practical training to understand the map ability, combining with theory combined with practice, master the basic knowledge of construction equipment, and through practical training, make difficult to meet the demand of the content of the society, is not only a diploma, and capable person with ability. We should try our best to study our professional knowledge, grasp skilled practice ability, make we can not be eliminated in the society, enable us to better adapt to job environment, forming professional technical application ability, use the theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems. We must better life experience in practice. Second, practice content: in the first day of practice, the teacher give us held the construction of practical training and mobilization meeting. The main purpose of this training is to know the construction drawing, understand the structure of the building, cultivate their ability, and learn much knowledge that we can learn from it. A total of eight people have their own specific tasks. We discussed the material stack is reasonable, the structure of vertical transportation equipment type and vertical transport equipment several problems of scaffolding. 1, unreasonable materials piled up, the scene material stack is not tidy. The site of the construction waste is increasing. 2, the site of the construction of the vertical transportation equipment is the cost of buying their own. Vertical transportation equipment is mainly used for material handling, can only be used for material handling, can not transport materials. 3, scaffolding is double row fastener type steel tube scaffold. Double row fastener scaffold in leasing mode using 8 minutes. The scaffold installation is unreasonable. Some of the fastener is not flat. Some fasteners do not overlap. Some of the cross bar is discontinuous. Belong to the brick structure of the construction of four nodes, also found many problems in today's practice. For example, in order to block wall and the building column, column structure and wall must be five to but many places are not described. Construction scaffolding internships purpose and work content ( 2) one Internship purpose cognition practice is indispensable for engineering management major practical teaching link. Through field investigation, can examine through practice in civil engineering construction site construction system, and understand the basic knowledge of civil engineering construction, structure and construction, to establish a preliminary engineering consciousness, inspire our understanding of the subsequent civil engineering professional course, lay a foundation for the study of the specialized basic courses and professional courses. Therefore, we can learn more about civil engineering major, training students love the professional, enhance learning confidence, to participate in this major. two Internship is 1. Knowledge of building structure, building materials, construction machinery. 2. Understand some of the structure of the construction process. 3. Watch the video of construction. 4. The teacher explained the theory of knowledge. 5. Understand the construction drawing expression of content, master the reading method of construction drawing.
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