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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Scaffolding as a bridge that crosses from the city, has been more and more used in the urban construction work. But if in the case of improper use of scaffolding, is likely to cause people life threat, so let below small make up to you about the operation requirements of scaffolding! 1, no matter what type of erection of scaffolding, scaffolding and processing quality of materials used, the need to conform to specified requirements relative to ban the use of unqualified erection of scaffold materials, in case of accident. 2, general scaffolding set-up, need to press the scaffold safety technology operating rules for high-level scaffold height more than 15 m, need to design, calculation, detail, the erection schemes, the technical director approval, have a written safety technical clarificaiton, before the erection. 3, risk for large and special crane, pick, hang, socket, stacking frame also needs through design and the examination and approval. Prepare a separate safety technical measures, to build. 4, after construction team accept the task, need to organize all the staff, carefully grasp the scaffold, special safety construction organization design and safety technical measures clarificaiton, discussion the erection method, and good technology, experienced technical personnel is responsible for the erection of technical guidance and supervision.
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