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Construction scaffolding is the indispensable temporary installation, maintenance, construction installation tools - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus on the sky

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Construction scaffolding is indispensable to installation, maintenance, construction of temporary installation tools. It was built with the progress of the project. You can rely on their own lifting equipment. It can also be up or down with building structure. It also has a falling preventing subversion and external scaffold. Used with the structure of the fence, can guarantee the safety of the construction workers have been using the scaffold. Scaffolding hoisting function, of course, can easily solve the problems of the construction personnel to climb or falling. Construction workers are no longer need to climb the stairs. This is for the manufacturer's safety. The last point is that it there is a feeling of a firm to builder's psychology, can let the builder to work. In many construction projects, we can see the existence of scaffolding, mainly to help us more easily to build our buildings. Scaffolding production technology in China is relatively backward, but it does not prevent us to seek higher scaffolding production technology. So far, the scaffolding steel tube wall thickness is 3. 5 mm, mainly used in construction scaffolding, my company in the development of these years, there are many different types of scaffolding, mainly meet the needs of large users. From design to installation, we have our own plan, by the needs of customers, we provide different scaffold design, then according to the user's requirements in terms of production, of course, on the installation of the scaffold, we still have their own standard. The stability of the scaffold has two vertical support system. Scaffolding must be strictly defined according to the requirements of the design. In the mouth of the cave framework a 48 x3 per layer. 5 steel pipe fixed horizontal tie-rod, scaffolding support mainly depends on the overall stress of scaffolding, scaffolding should be fully developed.
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