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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Urban construction tools - — The classification of the scaffolding scaffolding scaffolding as a medium of urban construction, a variety of classifications. According to the form 1, can be divided into mobile and fixed two; 2. According to the material classification: mainly wood, steel and the ladder; 3. According to the tower on the use of the connection form and distinguish between: (1) the template support - — Used to support the template. ( 2) Single row scaffolding - — Referred to as a single frame, or only a row of stud and end the scaffold in the horizontal bar on the wall. ( 3) Double row scaffolding - — Called double bent, that is, by inside and outside the two rows of stud and horizontal bar of the scaffold. ( 4) Decorative scaffold - — Used for decoration engineering construction work. ( 5) Structural scaffold - — Used in masonry structure and engineering construction. ( 6) Cantilever scaffold - — Used for equipment installation or maintenance cantilever. ( 4) According to the nature of construction, divided into two types, scaffolding and installation of the scaffold. 5. Block size (1) open: only provide rail of the operational layer and substrate, other sheltered facilities without scaffold. (2) closed: along the scaffolding high lateral span all scaffolding. ( 3) Semi-closed: 30% ~ 70% shielding area of the scaffold. (4) partly closed: closed area is less than 30%. 6. Other (1) the ladder: (2) the activity hanging ladder, hanging basket, etc. Building be careful everywhere, all the scaffolding. The removal of scaffolding need to note 1, use construction scaffolding, should develop a plan of demolition. To conduct a comprehensive inspection, dismantled before the scaffold. Dismantled before, deal with scaffolding to conduct a comprehensive inspection, remove all unnecessary objects, and set up the demolition area. Scaffolds should send modes, irrelevant personnel shall not enter. 2, remove the former, master the need for safety activities and explain the operation safety considerations. 3, demolition operations should be to guide and coordinate by experienced personnel, should be not less than three people a group of skilled workers. 4, construction scaffolding dismantling should stick to the principle of 'first after dismantling the construction'. 5, dismantling sequence should be dismantled and step by step a top-down prohibited demolition of upper and lower, at the same time. 6, wall support can be removed only when moved to the floor. Before the demolition of frame, it is forbidden to dismantle the wall bracket. 7, dismantled parts should be building through ascension ascension or manual transmission. It is forbidden to throw. 8, dismantle components should be piled up in time, in order to transport and store.
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