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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Construction scaffolding main role as hoisting frame, there are pull rod to cooperate to improve facilities ( Cantilever bar) , hoist, hoist, stage, hanging basket, basket, etc. According to the technical performance of construction scaffolding choose these facilities, to form a complete set. Installation and use hoisting frame, should pay attention to the following: 1. Steel construction scaffolding is a lattice structure, which has good rigidity and working stability. Wherever there is condition, hoisting frame should first choose steel construction scaffolding. Fastener type steel tube building the integrity and stability of the scaffold is bad, be careful while using it. If need to use, should calculate and determine the large lifting capacity, and strictly according to provisions of structure selection bar, at the same time, strictly implement the corresponding safety technical specifications. Wood construction scaffolding is now less use, when the conditional, can be used for height is not high and the small load. Currently has almost no more than four years living in line with the requirements of the bamboo, around the construction site and therefore have no bamboo poles for hoisting frame. 2. The basis of the steel construction scaffolding should be handled according to the design requirements. 3. Cable wind rope should use steel wire rope, unfavorable use steel instead of. When a construction scaffolding height is higher in the middle add cable wind rope, cable wind rope pull contact will be strengthen treatment, lest pillar was bent cable wind rope anchor to independent setting, don't pull on the temporary structures of unreliable, also cannot pull on the trees, pole, or other construction scaffolding. Key words: construction scaffolding
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