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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
1. Mobile construction scaffolding bridging role mainly in order to prevent mobile construction scaffolding longitudinal deformation, to enhance the overall stiffness of scaffold. 2. Hand frame and unloading platform links for unloading platform design alone, to facilitate better management. 3. Steel pipe can be installed to the serious corrosion, flattening, bending ladder scaffold, the movement of the crack phenomenon of pipe construction scaffolding. 4. In the mobile construction scaffolding, contraction cracks, deformation is not allowed to use fasteners are not allowed to make the slide wire. 5. Signs of unloading platform rises mainly in prompt card limit gantry scaffolding load under the condition of 6. Any mobile construction scaffolding when building height should not exceed 45 meters. 7. Steel, bamboo qualitative mobile building scaffolding is not allowed to mix, because mobile construction scaffolding as a support object, the overall requirement is the overall strength, don't shake, deformation, stability, if mix is not shareable nodes, does not ensure the stability of 8. When you move in building construction scaffolding construction safety helmet, safety belt, non-slip shoes should be worn. 9. When you are using mobile construction scaffolding must not dismantle the following link, to ensure safety, are: the primary node longitudinal rod, vertical and horizontal sweep pole, wall fragments. Key words: construction scaffolding
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