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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen tengda field construction scaffolding is a kind of use is more of a scaffold, it has high stability, compared with the traditional scaffolding, it's more secure. Like to build tall buildings, or is currently in large construction can see it, is widely used in the industry. Our construction scaffolding, can effectively guarantee the safety of construction personnel, its structure is stable, the equipment is simple, it does not require more maintenance, so you can reduce some economy in use. In addition, doors scaffold can be repeated use, of the works for a long time so we can significantly reduce the cost, and repeated use, don't need too much maintenance, appropriate to check it. Building hand frame and bowl scaffolding comparative advantage: 1, has enough mechanical strength, stiffness and stability, and further guarantee the safety of the construction. 2, node connection is good, has the self-locking capability, flexible installation simple and quick, pitched, dismantle easy to learn, and work efficiency of four times faster than bowl scaffold. 3, low cost, speed up the construction progress, can greatly shorten the construction period. 4, the three-dimensional space of the same size, ratio of construction scaffolding body bowl scaffolding greatly narrowed, less storage space is bound to reduce costs, with specifications of single bar weight is lighter than bowl scaffold. 5, no loose parts, there is no buckle loss phenomenon, loss to near zero. Also because there was no spare parts, easy to transport, easy to count. Construction scaffolding advantages: 1, folding, removable 2, according to the different construction environment and requirements, in accordance with the demand to rise, make the workers more easily in the construction, speeding up construction schedule. 3, prevent slippery homework table design, can meet the need of the various kinds of indoor air. 4, the overall design is reasonable, cover an area of an area small, easy construction, handling, storage. 5, can be used repeatedly for several years, the equivalent of the traditional one-time, high cost, easy to damage of the steel pipe scaffold, safer, more economical and practical, effectively save steel of the strain of China's current resources.
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