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Construction scaffolding template when it's easy to have a problem and solving method The company dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform jiang

by:Shizhan     2020-08-27
The rise of the construction industry, the progress of technology and standardization of propulsion, most of the group project construction scaffolding system is used more and more climb type aluminum alloy scaffolding, which brings to the construction safety civilization, progress, cost, the greater good, but the kinds of construction by professional subcontractors to organize the implementation, the project department in escrow, in the process of using common solutions do not conform to the rules of examination and approval, lack of process management actions, on-site problems such as rough, type of work coordination difficulties, bring to the quality and safety of the project is larger risk. Now mainly listed on several problems of field operation is not standard, in order to attract people pay special attention to. 1) Peripheral barrier height is lower than the operating side because the aluminum mold, concrete casting after the completion of the k plate not dismantle, leading to the top bearing is attached, which affects climb ascension leads to surface is higher than the protection operation. The need to strengthen the team to coordinate operations, optimize the joints of K board, avoid problems persist. 2) Material on scaffolding template has accumulated serious material such as steel, aluminum mould components, screw up on the climb, dangerous falling objects and load overload problem. In order to effectively avoid harm the scaffolding and damaged during the transit, shenzhen tengda when packing the first layer of air bubble film packaging, more overseas transportation and carton packaging.
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