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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Installation, maintenance and construction of temporary facilities, is indispensable to building scaffolding set-up, it along with the construction schedule and it can rely on their own lifting equipment and devices, but also with the building structure crept up or down, it also has anti overturn, prevent fall outside of the scaffold, through and building fences are used together, can ensure that use construction scaffolding construction personnel safety. One, first of all, scaffolding technology, technical force is weak. At present, the construction of the internal and external scaffolding and formwork, still mainly adopts the fastener type steel pipe scaffold, this construction scaffolding technology lag behind, work in the construction cost, poor security, and many steel pipe and fastener factory is backward production technology, the simple and crude equipment, the low level of technology of some small private factory, it is difficult to guarantee product quality. Now most of the scaffolding factory equipment humble, backward production process, low level of skills, skills that energy is weak, no independent development ability, can only copy other people's products, or to foreign OEM orders. Some factory has a history of more than ten years, expanding production scale, production technical level is higher. However, there is still no own brand products. At present, the scaffold enterprises with independent intellectual property rights is not more than 10. Manufacturers too much, the price competition is fierce at present domestic construction scaffolding factory hundreds, the new button scaffolding leasing, there are many family mill type small plant, such as the pearl river delta has a lot of production in a given area plate button scaffolding and accessories family small factory, the steel tube wall thickness and material are not qualified, and some factory also USES the old scaffolding steel pipe processing. Scaffolding construction is to guarantee the safety of the worker is an important link in construction safety. Scaffolding is a very important link in engineering construction department. Therefore, the construction process should be measured carefully, provide guarantee for construction safety. ( 1) When butt is adopted in the length direction, the following points need to tight, its staff shall be fixed tightly small bar, shall not be put aside, sliding, lest produce putlog center should be controlled in 150 - the distance to the board Within the scope of 200 mm. In hunan scaffolding beginning, at the end of the scaffold board should be with hunan reliable scaffolding to meet; Using lap, lap length is not less than 300 mm, the starting end must also be bolted firmly. The combination of construction scaffolding accessories based construction work is completed, request prohibit irrelevant personnel in and out of the construction site, and set up the warning sign to remind. ( 2) Or lost has not been formed on the stability of the structure of the scaffold areas provide temporary support or Rachel. Is not only a scaffolding fittings itself quality and safety supervision, the use of safety and protective equipment, safety fence surrounding facilities are effective to improve construction safety facilities. Scaffolding, of course, the function of lift, scaffold price, convenient to solve the problem of construction personnel increase or decrease, construction personnel don't have to go to climb the stairs, but also for the safety of construction personnel, construction scaffolding rental, the last point is that it is a substantive sense of construction personnel psychology, can make construction personnel can be at ease to work.
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