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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Dr Ladder program according to the project contract, design documents, project management, implementation plan and prepare purchasing plan about purchasing management system. Purchasing plan includes purchasing work scope, content and management requirements; Purchasing information, including the number of scaffolding, technical standards and quality requirements; Test method and standard and so on. Dr Ladder audit inspection material production and business operation entities of all kinds of complete production and business operation procedures complete; Field production scale of enterprises, the good faith idea, sales, after-sales service, and so on and so forth; Focus on quality control system of enterprise whether has the country and the industry product quality certification, as well as the status of material quality in the same products; Shenzhen tengda as an established manufacturer of scaffolding, deji hardware development come from Hong Kong, product quality and size are the industry leading enterprises. Lifetime warranty and free custom construction scheme solved the trouble back at home of engineering people. Must ask supplier to when building materials check incoming quality qualification as prescribed by the state and the production permit. Project equipment, material should be qualified through inspection, and conform to the requirements of the design and the corresponding current standards. Should be witness of sampling inspection, the construction unit must notify supervision unit personnel to witness sampling, inspection of material inspection unit must be equipped with the appropriate test conditions and ability, quality and technical supervision departments at or above the provincial level or its authorized department, after assessment is eligible to take the inspection work. The scaffold inspection, transportation, transfer and storage process, shall, in accordance with requirements of the occupational health and safety and environmental management, avoid to occupational health and safety and environmental impact. Material field stacking position classification should be according to the construction organization layout stacked in different sites, as far as possible avoid secondary handling of material, pay special attention to inflammables, moistureproof products all needs to take the corresponding protective measures. Building materials should be according to the different nature of the material stored in warehouses, conform to the requirements of the special materials should avoid damp, rain, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion; A construction site materials is more, there are many specifications for the same kind of material, various accessories variety of water and electricity, so all kinds of materials should be clearly marked, classified depositing. Separate living quarters and work area for the construction site, materials piled up neatly, expressways, placards position to striking, sewage drainage system. Build system of quota acquisition, for materials, Dr Ladder both text and branch and project department supplies distribution warehouse, to implement first in first out, pushing Chen store 'new' principle, the project department supplies cost should be combined with the division, the calculation of the sectional works, strictly implement quota acquisition system, before the construction of the cap must be signed by project construction personnel requisition, limit requisition must be filled in according to the requirements of section, not lack of items. For precious and dosage of larger items, can according to the using situation, several times by picking small notes. For easy damaged items, materials should be when issuing more detailed inspection, and approved by recipients both sides sign the certificate. The issuance of scaffolding, use tracking, clear. For present material, physical examination registration, in strict accordance with the construction schedule outbound order issued by material use, and to distribute the material to track, avoid the material is missing, or waste. Material consumption, especially steel, wood, application of fixed supply, in strict accordance with the quotas acquisition. In the material receiving, warehousing, outbound, feeding, materials, filling materials, especially on the return and recycling material causes attention, strict management. For material consumption particularly big operation process, the project intends to contract directly. Specific construction process can be according to the different construction process, the whole construction process is divided into several stages, before the start of the process used by foreman and materials distribution of large material quantity, process construction such as found in the process of material quantity is not enough, by picking materials submitted to the project manager, and explain the reason of the material use quantity is not enough. Each phase after the completion of the project, the report by the materials inventory, materials used and surplus situation, material consumption or excessive consumption analysis reason and rewards and punishment linked to the economic responsibility system. Timely discovery and solve the measurement not save, for the materials, the production of excess materials and scrap rate is high. To carry out special materials to old change new, and obtain new material acquisition reasons presented by the material users or head. Material scrapping shall timely submit the reason. The above mentioned report submitted by all kinds of application and materials need not big space to write, easy to explain, but it must be submitted, in order to have a foundation, as the basis of future rewards and punishments. Due to the progress of science and technology, in the field of engineering construction, new technologies, new processes and new materials are constantly emerging, such as high strength high performance concrete technology, efficient reinforcement, building energy efficiency and new wall application technology and so on, these are to reduce the engineering cost, save the labor cost, shorten the construction period and reduce pollution and so on has played a powerful role in promoting. Dr Ladder, the use of new energy-saving environmental protection material to promote more new material, new craft, new technology, broad space for development. In general, Dr Ladder to use new material, new craft, new technology should follow the following principles: one is technically advanced, reliable, applicable and reasonable. Select advanced, reliable, applicable and reasonable new material, new craft, new technology can obtain various effect. Mainly displays in: reduce the material consumption, shortening process flow, improve labor efficiency, ensure and improve product quality, improve the degree of automation, is conducive to the personal safety, reduce labor intensity, reduce pollution, eliminate pollution, help to improve the environment, at the same time, to reduce the gap with foreign advanced level.
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